What kind of material is better for bedroom decoration

The bedroom is a place to rest. The decoration materials of the bedroom are best to promote sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to choose mild materials

at present, the common decoration materials for bedrooms include natural wood, latex paint and ceramic tiles. The wall can be selected according to the five elements of the residents to help transport. However, if it is a child’s room, it is best to choose the natural wood with the least pollution. If the five elements are not suitable for wood, it can be transported through the color of the wall or the decoration in the house, which is mainly conducive to the healthy growth of children. The bedroom had better be pasted with wallpaper to create a warm atmosphere. The choice of wallpaper should also match the age, identity and five elements of the owner. For example, in the room of a little girl who is short of fire in five elements, choose pink wood wallpaper with simple and lovely pictures on it, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the little girl

in addition, reflective materials should not be selected in the bedroom. Although the reflection of bedroom building materials seems to be less serious than that of the glass wall curtain of the office building, it is very close to people, and the evil spirit will be more serious, which will have a great impact on sleep. For example, ceramic tiles are not particularly suitable for pasting on the bedroom wall

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