Feng Shui is placed in the living room of the water dispenser

Water dispenser, which brings great convenience to people’s life, is widely used in families, offices and public places. However, don’t underestimate this object. From the perspective of Feng Shui, due to the special properties of drinking water itself, if it is properly placed at home, it can boost the family’s wealth. But in Feng Shui, don’t put the water dispenser in these places. The more money the head of household leaks, the poorer he lives.

I. How to place the water dispenser in the living room is the most prosperous financial luck

In order to keep the house clean, some families are used to putting the water dispenser in the foot room. This is not advisable. Keep the water dispenser away from the fire.

The best way to place it is to put it in a quiet corner of the living room, so that the glue can be easily drunk during rest. Or bring tea to the guests. We should pay attention to avoiding places where people come and live and where filth prevails over chaos. Such as gate, trash can, air conditioner, etc. Because it’s very bad for financial luck.

In terms of orientation alone, the orientation most in line with the way of Feng Shui should be the north. Placing the water dispenser here is conducive to improving the Qi of the times. Other common positions are also very good, such as the southwest, which is conducive to women’s luck. The southeast can improve the sealing and transportation, and the East is of great help to men. Only the basin is in the south. It is easy to alternate between good and bad.

II. Drinking fountains should not be placed

1. Drinking fountains should not be placed directly at the door of the living room

From the perspective of hygiene, people come and go at the gate, which is the breeding place of dust and germs, which is easy to be invaded by germs. From the perspective of Feng Shui, water is wealth. Water is placed by the door and opens the door directly towards the drinking machine, which may wash away wealth. The water dispenser can be placed at the diagonal of the gate, which neither occupies space nor is convenient for water intake.

Can also be placed in the Ming hall, which generally refers to the parallel direction at the entrance. It can also be placed next to the sofa or in a place convenient for water in the living room.

2. The water dispenser is placed in the north. Wangcai

The north is the Union and the union is the water. Therefore, the north is the Wangcai position. The placement of the water dispenser here is good for the wealth of the family. If it is placed in the southwest, it is conducive to women’s financial luck, and it can also improve financial luck in the southeast. It is of great help to men in the East, while in the south, financial luck is unstable, and sometimes good and sometimes bad.

3. The water dispenser should not be placed in the financial position of the living room.

Generally, the financial position is on the diagonal of the entrance of the living room, where some green plants or other decorative home can be placed. However, it is not allowed to put water in the position of wealth, such as fish tanks and drinking fountains. Water can accumulate wealth, but putting water in the position of wealth is easy to lead to wealth, and even affect health.

4. The water dispenser should not be too close to the cooling fan, air conditioner, electric fan, etc.

The cooling fan, air conditioner, electric fan and other electrical appliances have strong air flow, which will affect the water of the water dispenser and strengthen the instability of financial transportation, so it is better to stay away from it.

5. The water dispenser should not be placed in the bedroom

Some friends also place the water dispenser in the bedroom for the convenience of drinking water. In fact, this is very unreasonable.

First of all, as a resting place, the less electrical appliances in the bedroom, the better, so as not to cause adverse effects on the human body.

Secondly, the water dispenser itself has the attributes of water and fire. It is living water, which plays a more obvious role in Feng Shui and has a greater impact on people.

6. The water dispenser should not be placed in the kitchen

Some friends think that the kitchen is the source of diet, and it is not natural to put the water dispenser, so there is nothing inappropriate.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is a place for both water and fire, and the area is limited. If the water dispenser is put in, it will be opposite to the stove accidentally. The five elements will inevitably have an adverse impact on the owner’s health and fortune.

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