Why shouldn’t there be too many furnishings in children’s room

Children are the crystallization of parents’ love and the hope of a family in the future. Children’s room is a room for children to rest and activities. Because children are young and have little self-control and life experience, the layout of children’s room must consider the safety and growth of children, and comply with certain Feng Shui principles

the furnishings of the children’s room should be simple and practical, and should not have too many fancy decorations and furnishings. This is because there are too many furnishings or the materials of toys are not environmentally friendly, and some harmful substances or toxic gases endanger children. Especially in early childhood, children feel very sensitive and respond strongly

in addition, too small or too large furnishings should not be located in the children’s room. Too small furnishings will make children eat by mistake, too large cabinets, desks or other furniture will cause a sense of oppression to children, and children move too much. If they move something and collapse, they will be in danger of life. The decoration with complex structure and bright colors will affect children’s vision. Moreover, in terms of feng shui knowledge, children’s eyes are relatively pure, and it is not suitable to see too many colorful and strange things too early

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