The orientation and layout of the entrance

Porch is an important channel connecting indoor and outdoor. It plays a vital role in the circulation of Qi field in the whole house. In order to make the porch play an effective role in home feng shui and have the beauty of the room at the same time, we must pay attention to its corresponding layout

the porch is the only place for the family to go in and out, and it is also the only way for external energy to enter the home. The good and bad luck of this position has a great impact on home life. If it is a auspicious phase, you can absorb good air and drive away bad luck. However, the luck is different with the direction of the porch

Oriental position ” mdash” mdash; The position where the sun first entered. Have the luck of progress, development and success

southeast ” mdash” mdash; Daji position. Business is booming and communication will be better and better

Southern position ” mdash” mdash; Can receive the position of the strongest Yang energy. It can improve reputation and reputation, but if the Yang energy is too strong, it will lose its balance. Be careful not to be too sunny

in the north, there is a porch in this direction, with strong Yin Qi. Lighting can be used to supplement the insufficient Yang energy: however, the porch in the north is auspicious for people with three Bi, four green, six white and seven red

Northeast orientation ” mdash” mdash; Setting the porch in this position is a great evil and will get the worst luck. If sundries and scattered shoes are stacked in the porch in this direction, the ferocity will increase. Lighting lamps can be used to supplement insufficient Yang energy, and wooden doorplates can also inhibit the entry of bad Qi

the southwest will weaken the power of the head of the family

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