What’s particular about placing Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room

The living room is the largest and most important activity place in a house. The sofa is an essential furniture and decoration in the living room, which plays a vital role in the feng shui of the living room and the whole house

as far as home feng shui is concerned, the sofa must be filled with water as much as possible to ensure the prosperity of the house. Therefore, the shape of the sofa should be arranged into a harbor shape as much as possible, that is, like a U-shaped shape, with two arms stretched out to protect it. The concave part in the middle can hide wind, gather gas and contain water, which can protect the prosperity of people and wealth of the house

if the sofa is placed in a straight line without two arms on both sides, anger and wealth are straight and cannot gather, which is an image of draining wealth. Moreover, the sofa in a straight line is not conducive to the emotional communication and harmonious conversation between family members and visitors. It is a little casual, which is not conducive to unity and family harmony. Therefore, when placing the sofa in the living room, it’s best to place it in a ring shape, which can be placed in the middle ” mdash; A long main sofa, and then put matching small sofas or small tea tables on the left and right sides

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