How should the study be decorated

With the improvement of life quality, the study has become an important part of many family rooms, and more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration of the study. When decorating the study, we can get some inspiration from these words, that is ” Ming ” ” Static” Ya ” ” Order ”

(1) Ming: lighting and daylighting of the study

as the place where the master reads and writes, the study has high requirements for lighting and daylighting. Fierce people’s eyes work in too strong or too weak light, which will have a great impact on their eyesight, so it’s best to put the writing desk by the window with sufficient sunshine but not direct sunlight. In this way, when you are tired at work, you can look out of the window and have a rest. The study must be equipped with desk lamps and special spotlights for bookcases to facilitate the owner to read and find books. The light of the desk lamp should be evenly irradiated in the place where you read and write. It should not be too close to people to avoid glare. It is especially suitable for long desk lamp in the study

(2) quiet: the necessity of self-cultivation

quiet is very necessary for the study, because people’s work efficiency in a noisy environment is much lower than that in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study, we should choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and sound absorption effect. The ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or soft bag decorative cloth, the floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect, and the curtain should be made of thicker material to block the noise outside the window

(3) Elegance: fresh, elegant and pleasant

in your study, don’t just a group of large bookcases, add a capital desk and a chair, but also fully integrate interest into the decoration of your study. An art collection, a few favorite paintings or photos, a few calligraphy treasures written by yourself, even a few simple handicrafts, can add a little elegance and freshness to your study

(4) Preface: guarantee of work efficiency

study, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting and reading books. In a wide variety of books, there are often read, not often read and collection of books. Books should be classified to a certain extent. If it is stored separately in writing area, consulting area and storage area, it will make the study orderly and help to improve the efficiency of work” There is a golden house in the book, For a person who loves books, it is a great enjoyment to have a quiet and comfortable study alone

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