How can I find Wenchang

With the continuous improvement of living conditions, more and more houses have an independent study free from external interference. As an independent space, the study has more and more rich functions and the duality of work and life. The study not only has the serious side of family office, but also has a strong flavor of life. The cultural literacy of a person and a family are fully displayed in this space. In the study, we can study, work, entertainment, socialize and relax. The study is an important place to open wisdom and concentrate. The feng shui of the study must be well designed and carefully considered

select Wenchang position

” Wenchang ” ; It is one of the 28 stars in the sky, also known as Wenqu star. It has a close relationship with the world and specializes in the fame and wealth of scholars all over the world

Wenchang position is where Wenchang star flies into the house. This position exists in every house. As long as the study or desk is located in Wenchang, it will be beneficial to reading, examination, writing and planning. How to define the Wenchang position of each house? According to feng shui theory, the position of Wenchang depends on the sitting direction of the house, and the position of Wenchang will also change according to the fleeting years, but the general pattern is as follows:

the earthquake house sits east to West ” mdash” mdash; Northwest

Xun house sits in the southeast and faces the northwest ” mdash; One due south

leave the house and sit south to North ” mdash” mdash; Southeast

Kun house sits in the southwest and faces the northwest ” mdash” mdash; Due west

sit against the house and face east ” mdash” mdash; Southwest

dry house sits in the southwest and faces the Northeast ” mdash” mdash; Due east

Kan house faces south ” mdash” mdash; Northeast

Gen house sits from northeast to southwest ” mdash” mdash; Due north

If Wenchang can’t be a study due to the congenital structural problems of the house, it can only be second. It can also be effective to put the desk in Wenchang of the study. If Wenchang is a kitchen and toilet in the congenital pattern, more aquatic plants must be placed here to resolve the impact of Wenchang

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