What are the Feng Shui items for decorating doors and windows

Doors and windows are the place where the interior contacts with the outside world. The decoration of doors and windows is not only related to the breath circulation of the home, but also related to the bad luck of the home. Therefore, the feng shui of decorating doors and windows can not be ignored; So in Feng Shui Xu Er middle school, what are the Feng Shui matters of decorating doors and windows? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

What are the Feng Shui matters in the decoration of doors and windows

What are the Feng Shui matters in the decoration of doors and windows in the living room

1. The toilet is at the end of the passage:

the toilet is at the end of the passage of some houses, which not only hinders the view, but also avoids the embarrassment of people going in and out of the toilet when sitting in the passenger hall after the passage is installed

2. The door goes straight to the room:

the channel security door has the following advantages:

protect privacy: the opening and privacy of the living room and bedroom are obviously divided, and there is a door barrier, which will make the guests not interfere with the private life of the bedroom

keep quiet: after the entrance, the conversation and noise of the people in the living room will not be transmitted to the bedroom and disturb the people in the bedroom

energy saving: when people move in the living room at the entrance, as long as the door is closed, it is difficult for the air conditioner to enter the bedroom, which can reduce unnecessary energy consumption

beautify the home: most people’s living rooms are neatly decorated, but the passages and bedrooms are easy to be messy. If the passages are covered by doors, they will not expose their ugliness

save space: every inch of land and gold in modern cities. Installing a glove box on the top of the channel can save a lot of space, and the channel just hides the glove box seamlessly

at the channel security door, it is better to be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top. The door with solid wood at the bottom and glass at the top is the best, because it has a solid foundation without losing its permeability. If the whole wooden door is used, it will be airtight and reduce the sense of permeability in the living room. If all glass doors are used, the living room will be too transparent and lose privacy. Therefore, it is not ideal, especially for families with children. Because the glass doors are fragile, they should not be used. In addition, the door frame of the channel can not choose an oval shape like a tombstone, which is very unlucky for home

if there are the following two situations, the channel should not be installed:

1. The small hall should not be installed:

if the living room with small area is not installed in the channel, the channel can be seen; Because of the depth of the channel, the living room will look more far-reaching. If the gate is set, there will be a narrow sense of narrowness

2. Doors should not be installed in the hall with few windows:

installing doors in the channel will make the air in the living room dull, so if there are not many windows in the living room, it is difficult for fresh air outside the room to enter; If the door is installed in the channel, the air in the living room will not be able to communicate with the bedroom, which is certainly not ideal

What are the Feng Shui requirements of doors and windows in decoration

windows should not be facing the fierce ground

if the outside of the window is facing hospitals, temples, funeral homes, crematoria, tombs, prisons, slaughterhouses, garbage dumps and other places with too much yin, Yin may enter the room along the window, causing a very adverse impact on residents

the window should not face the road rush

houses facing the road rush are prone to accidents. If the road rush is also facing the window, the disadvantage will be aggravated, so it is better to avoid it

the window should not be facing the water tower, electric pole, etc.

if the window is facing the water tower, electric pole, etc., the evil spirit formed by the water tower and electric pole will enter through the window, affecting the fortune of the family, especially in terms of wealth, career and health, which is more vulnerable to serious damage

the two windows should not be directly facing

the two windows of the room are directly facing, which will make it difficult to hide wind and gas indoors, which is almost equivalent to the situation that the doors and windows are directly facing, which is unfavorable to the gathering of popularity and wealth, and there is a risk of leakage of wealth

there should be no shelter in front of the window

the window absorbs sunlight and air into the room. It is also one of the communication channels between residents and the outside world. If the front of the window is blocked by buildings, mountains and other obstacles, it will not only block the vision of the residents, but also block the vitality and wealth of the room

windows should not be damaged

windows are home ” Feng Shui eye, Broken windows can easily cause eye diseases to residents. In order to ensure the health of residents, Wang Haohua suggested that once the glass lamp in the window is damaged, it should be repaired immediately

the number of windows should not be too many

if there are too many windows, it will disturb the indoor atmosphere, and the home life is easy to be tense and difficult to relax

the windows should not be too large or too small

the windows in the room are too large, which is easy to lead to internal air leakage. In summer, too much sunshine and heat will enter the room, and in winter, the hot air in the house will be lost rapidly, which does not meet the Feng Shui standard of wind storage and gas accumulation. Too small windows are easy to make people feel cramped, shabby and stingy. In the long run, residents will become narrow-minded and introverted

Feng Shui of doors and windows is very important. It not only has a vital impact on the indoor air, but also changes the air luck of a family. We must pay attention to Feng Shui of doors and windows

be aware of the importance of Feng Shui in decorating doors and windows

1. The air port orientation must avoid pollution sources. The direction of the door air window must avoid the polluted areas of public toilets, chimneys, garbage dumps, coal yards, highways and other gas farms, so as to avoid the trouble of harmful gases in the household gas farm

2. It is beneficial to open the air port, and it is forbidden to block the window. No matter the doors and windows, there should be no barrier in front. The more open the front edge of the external doors and windows, the better, so as to facilitate the smooth air. If the air passage of the window is blocked by the adjacent wall, you’d rather close it than pollute the environment

3. The living room is afraid of the north wind and the bedroom is afraid of the west sun. The bedroom environment needs constant temperature, but the hot sun and light of the west window often penetrate the window and affect the room temperature; The living room has a large area and needs to be ventilated. If it is the North window, it is equally uncomfortable to open the window in winter

4. Doors and windows, windows and windows must not be in line. Because of this pattern, it is easy to aggravate the convection rate of the air and affect the stability of the air field in the home. The ancients have summarized this: people and money are empty before and after

5. The hall windows should be bright and the bedroom windows should not be too many. The hall needs to be magnificent. If the windows are not bright, they will not only feel uncomfortable, but also affect their career; The nature of the bedroom is earthy, quiet is appropriate, and many windows will affect the bedroom atmosphere

6. The kitchen and toilet must have external windows. The kitchen and toilet is the main area of the polluted gas field in the home. There must be external windows to help dredge the air flow, and the exhaust function can be considered perfect

in the feng shui theory of store decoration, it includes the harmony of perception. The interior decoration of the shop should cater to the customers’ natural sense of light. If the light is too bright, the interior decoration will lose the sense of style. At the same time, the store should not play too noisy music or advertisements. Inward customers have focused on shopping, and these inappropriate noises

operation ” mdash” mdash; Signboard solicitation and considerate service

with unique service characteristics, it is an important way for merchants to solicit customers. Feng Shui in store decoration is the knowledge of pursuing harmony. In addition to the harmony in demand, shops and consumers should also pay attention to the harmony between people in operation. Thoughtful service and smiling face are the necessary software for business, and business is booming

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