What are the taboos of mirror in Feng Shui

The taboo of mirrors. Mirrors are very shady and cold things, so there are many taboos:

1. Don’t look at the bed

it doesn’t matter if you are in good health. If you are in bad spirit, you will be scared

2. No door

because if the mirror is facing the door, it will block the God of wealth and prevent the God of wealth from entering, and so will the bedroom

3. Not in the wealth position

there is a wealth position in the living room. Putting a mirror also blocks the God of wealth

4. Do not tilt the mirror

the mirror cannot be inclined. It must be flat with the wall. It’s best not to live at home

5. Do not embed in the ceiling

the mirror is in the ceiling. Usually, the people below will consume gas, money and your health. Therefore, Hotels with more mirrors should go less

6. Don’t be too big or too much

it will make people feel cold

7. The newly married couple’s mirror

stick the happy word on red paper to resolve the taboo of not allowing others to look in the mirror

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