Can I have a bathroom in my bedroom

In modern houses, many bedrooms even have toilets, which can be analyzed from the perspective of Feng Shui

first of all, Feng Shui believes that the bedroom should be located in the center of the residence with strong vitality, which needs to be absolutely quiet and clean. For example, the configuration with five elements of water and fire is unlucky

generally speaking, the toilet used in modern times has two functions: toilet and bathroom. Both two points and five elements belong to water. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the toilet is a place with heavy Yin Qi and a place where corrupt air is generated. If it is not handled properly, it will induce diseases in brain, spirit, internal organs and so on

in addition, the bathroom is a place with heavy moisture. When taking a bath, you can find that it is foggy. Once this humid gas enters the bedroom connected to the bathroom, it will make the gas field moist. For a long time, people will feel tired and have backache, but it is difficult to find out what caused it. Yin water in the five elements of health mostly represents diseases of urinary system, bladder and physiological kidney water. If you have the above symptoms and can’t find the reason, you might as well pay attention to it. Maybe the problem is in the bathroom in the bedroom

therefore, it is not suitable to set up a toilet in the bedroom. According to feng shui theory, the five elements of the toilet belong to water, with heavy Yin Qi, which is easy to cause lumbar and renal discomfort

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