Feng Shui problems needing attention in choosing door curtain

Different rooms in the house have different Feng Shui functions, so there will be great differences in Feng Shui when decorating different rooms. For example, when installing the door curtain for the room, we should pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui. So here we’ll talk to you about Feng Shui on the curtain of the bathroom door

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how to choose the curtain on the bathroom? Feng Shui problems that should be paid attention to in choosing the door curtain

Feng Shui function of the toilet: in household Feng Shui, the main function of the toilet is to hide dirt and accept dirt, so the air of the toilet will be more polluted. Therefore, the function of hanging the door curtain on the toilet door is mainly to resist the filth in the toilet and not enter the room, so the door curtain must have a certain effect of blocking Feng Shui

how to choose the bathroom curtain

since the dirty gas in the bathroom is heavy, the door curtain must have a certain role in shielding the dirty gas, so when choosing the door curtain, you can try to choose the style with better sealing effect and won’t open too much when opening and closing the door. For example, the half landing style and the half landing style are good choices

in addition, pay more attention to the color of the door curtain, because different colors have different Feng Shui effects. Because the five elements of the toilet belong to water, the color of the door curtain should be dominated by the color of water attributes such as blue or black, which will be helpful to the wealth of the house. Of course, you can also choose some colors of gold belonging to the five elements, such as yellow, golden yellow, golden water, so the metallic color will also strengthen the water attribute in the toilet

therefore, when choosing the door curtain for different rooms, on the one hand, we should consider the Feng Shui function of the room and its impact on the fortune of the family, on the other hand, we should consider the function and effect of the door curtain

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