Why is arch design bad for residential Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, it is believed that there should be no arch design in the Yang house. Any arch design will have an adverse impact on the feng shui of the house and the fortune of the family. For example, the partition between the corridor and the living room, the arched carving on the wall, the arched windows, and even the direct arch of the gate will cause serious damage to the residential Feng Shui

why is arch design unfavorable to residential Feng Shui? Detailed explanation of arch Feng Shui

but in modern life, it is not difficult to find that some arch designs appear in many families, and the visual effect is very good. It is not only unique, but also has a European and American temperament. Perhaps it is precisely because of the aesthetic design of the arch that people ignore its impact on residential Feng Shui

therefore, here we need to introduce to you the adverse effects of arch design on residential Feng Shui, the impact on residents, and why arch design has these effects

first of all, the design of arch or arch shape is unfavorable to residential Feng Shui mainly because there is ” Shout and drink like ” ; First, the shape of the arch is the same as that of the tombstone, so the Feng Shui gas field of the arch will be somewhat close to the tombstone. The tombstone is the symbol of the Yin House, which will naturally be detrimental to the feng shui of the Yang house

secondly, on the one hand, the arch design will attract Yin evil spirit, on the other hand, it will produce tombstone evil spirit. The so-called tombstone evil spirit is a kind of gas field similar to tombstone. This gas field will be very destructive to the geomantic omen of Yangzhai, resulting in the disorder of gas field in the house and the reduction of auspicious Qi, which will have an adverse impact on the fortune of the family

finally, residents live in an environment full of tombstones and extremely bad feng shui aura, and their own fortune will naturally be affected. Therefore, generally, residential Feng Shui with more arch or arch design will not be very good, and their family life will not be very happy

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