What are the taboos in the living room

Placing items in the living room should pay attention to in order to seek good luck and avoid bad luck

1. Place round items appropriately

in order to create an atmosphere of reunion and harmony, more round items can be placed in the living room, because the circle often symbolizes harmony and liveliness. However, the living room can not be flooded with circles, otherwise it will create a turbulent counter effect. Do not decorate the ceiling into a circle, which will make it feel oppressive when it is covered and unable to move

2. Cabinets should be close to the wall

if all kinds of cabinets must be close to the wall, they can be safe and save space

3. The layout of waterscape should not be too much

the layout of waterscape should not be too much, so as not to make the living room too cloudy

4. Do not place strange objects

ancient gods and Buddhas that cannot be clearly understood should not be placed in the living room; Strange puppets and works of art should not be placed in the living room; Ferocious statues and animal heads are not suitable to be placed in the living room

5. Statues should be placed in pairs

if wooden or stone lions are to be placed, they must be paired with one male and one female, and must face the door outside, so as to play the role of restraining houses and avoiding evil spirits

6. Paint plants and stones with red

plants or stones should preferably be tied with red rope or painted with red paint to turn Yin into Yang

7. Valuables should not be placed

safes and gold cabinets are not suitable for public living rooms

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