What should we pay attention to in the Feng Shui position of the kitchen sink

The sink is necessary in the kitchen, and we all know that the kitchen is a place for cooking. Of course, there is also a fire source. The so-called water and fire are incompatible and water and fire are mutually exclusive. Therefore, in the layout of the kitchen, we should be extra careful about the location of the sink and the stove. If we accidentally touch some relevant Feng Shui taboos, it will inevitably affect the feng shui of the kitchen and our luck, So what should we pay attention to in the Feng Shui position of the kitchen sink? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

First of all, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire, and we all know that the sink belongs to water. In order to avoid the embarrassing realm of incompatibility between water and fire, it is best to place the kitchen sink and stove separately at this time, with an interval of about 20 cm in the middle. There is also a saying in Feng Shui that the kitchen sink is placed on the right side of the stove to facilitate users to get water and clean bowls, dishes, tableware and other kitchen utensils. Because the five elements of the kitchen sink belong to water, and among the five elements of Feng Shui, the North belongs to water. Therefore, placing the kitchen sink on the wall near the north can effectively accumulate prosperous gas, which will also be of great help to the owner’s career. In addition, when placing the kitchen sink, we must consider the position of the kitchen faucet, so as not to prevent the longer arm bend of the kitchen faucet from hindering the normal use

Feng Shui ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , It is said that the kitchen is where the family’s wealth lies. The feng shui of the kitchen is an indispensable part of the whole household Feng Shui layout. The most important thing about Feng Shui in the kitchen is the placement of stove and sink

the sink cannot be opposed to the stove. The water vapor generated by the sink is opposed to the fire of the stove, so the stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. The stove should not be close to the sink, nor should it be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too strong, which will lead to the loss of family harmony

when arranging the kitchen sink, you can’t let the sink collide with the kitchen stove, otherwise it will cause the embarrassing state of water and fire. This is especially easy to appear when laying out the island type platform kitchen. When users place the sink on the island type platform in the middle, it is easy to be opposite to the stove and cooker on the side, which should be avoided as far as possible in Feng Shui

the most ideal position for the stove and sink is near the north wall, that is, sitting north to south, because geomantic omen has always been based on the north magnetic field. The stove and sink near the north are conducive to gathering the vitality in the north to help the family prosper. The ideal sitting direction is to sit from west to East, that is, to be placed by the west wall, which can welcome the purple gas from the East and is also beneficial to family transportation

II. Pay attention to the orientation of the sink

the sink sits east to west, that is, close to the east wall, which should be avoided. Because the west is returning to Yin, it will be harmful to the health of residents. It should be noted that if you have to choose this position, you can place a set of five emperor coins in the wall behind the stove, or lay a red colloidal carpet on the floor in front of the stove to dissolve the adverse magnetic field in the West

the sink is also suitable to be placed in a position facing west to East, because purple comes from East, and water is equivalent to wealth. Wealth and wealth meet each other, which is bound to bring good luck to the family

III. dissolution of Feng Shui in the sink

in addition to not allowing the sink to be opposite to the cooker, the kitchen sink cannot be placed against the east wall and facing the West. From the perspective of home feng shui layout, the West belongs to gold, and the moisture of the sink will passivate the gold, which is very unfavorable to the owner. In addition, the West belongs to the Yin position, and it is unlucky to turn the sink towards this aspect. If you have to choose this location due to architectural design, you can put white jade five emperors copper coins in the wall of the stove to dissolve it

after knowing the above feng shui knowledge about the sink, you don’t have to be afraid from now on. If you accidentally touch the sink, the kitchen will be affected, and the luck at home will decline. In fact, Feng Shui has an impact on us everywhere. We should also know more about Feng Shui in our daily life, so as to know what to pay attention to in our daily home layout

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