How to regulate Feng Shui with window orientation

In Feng Shui, the window is the place to absorb external aura, so the orientation of the window affects the attribute of absorbing aura. According to the five elements, the east window carries wood, the south window carries fire, the west window carries gold, and the North Window carries water. If the windows are opened in the East, they will absorb more wood gas, and if the windows are opened in the north, they will absorb more water vapor. If the husband is short of fire and the wife is short of money, windows should be opened in the South and West. If the child has too much wood, you can’t open the east window

the design of windows not only determines the circulation of air, but also regulates the Yin and Yang of the house. First of all, the window should be opened outward or inward, not upward or downward. The outward window is the best, which can make a lot of air enter the room, and when the window is opened, it can make the indoor turbid air outflow, increase the Yang of the house, and strengthen the air and career opportunities of the residents

in addition, the East and South have great demand for light. Therefore, the windows facing east and South in the house should be as large as possible than the other two windows. However, it is also necessary to avoid the straight line between windows and doors, or between windows

finally, curtains should be set in every window with appropriate thickness. If the curtain is too thin to cover the light, it will lose the function of regulating yin and Yang

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