How to resolve Feng Shui at the gate

1. The gate is facing a big tree

if the gate of the house is facing a big tree, it is a very taboo thing. Because the tree itself has strong Yin Qi, which will prevent Yang Qi from entering the house. The gate is the ” Gas field entrance, The big tree blocks Yang from entering the house, which will have a great impact on the career and health of the residents. Try not to choose the house facing the big tree

2. The door faces the elevator

the house is a place for gathering and nourishing gas. The elevator works every day. When it is switched on and off, it makes the air flow suck and spit, which will certainly affect the gas field of the opposite house. According to Feng Shui’s theory, the visible is the evil. The elevator entrance is like a huge opening opened by a beast. If the door is facing here, it is tantamount to committing ” Open brake, Sword leaf red, fish tail sunflower and brown bamboo can be placed at the place where the door collides with the elevator to turn evil spirits. If the gate and elevator are at the other end of the corridor, it has little impact on residential Feng Shui. In addition, if the elevator is in the prosperous position, it is also auspicious facing the gate

3. The gate faces the corridor

if the gate faces the corridor, the shape of the long corridor is like a sword through the heart. This pattern is called ” Heart piercing Sword ” ;. If the depth of the house is less than the length of the corridor, it is a great evil. A screen can be set at the entrance, which is not only beautiful, but also avoid its edge and add auspiciousness

4. The gate faces the chimney

as we all know, the gas discharged from the chimney is generally dirty gas and waste gas. In Feng Shui, this kind of wind belongs to dead gas, decay gas and Yin gas. If the gate faces the chimney and the Yin gas keeps flowing into the room, it must be a bad luck. If you can’t stop the exhaust from the chimney, you can only often close your own door

5. The gate faces the gate

the relative situation of residential gate is quite common. In our opinion, the most normal phenomenon has become ” Door slamming BRAKE ” , Yes ” The opposite of the two doors is called mutual scolding, The argument of discord between the owner and the family. That is, residents, whether with their families or colleagues, are prone to verbal friction over trivial matters. However, this kind of influence is not big. What is worth paying attention to is that the gate is directed by a straight and long corridor, and the door is facing the door, problems will follow

if the door faces east, north, northeast and northwest, the men in the family are easy to provoke right and wrong. If the door faces west, South, Southeast and southwest, women in the family are easy to provoke right and wrong

The door and window are connected in a straight line. In this case, the air flow will flow away directly from other doors and windows after entering the gate, which can not circulate slowly in the house and accumulate energy, resulting in bad conditions such as money loss, car accident, quarrel, divorce and so on. In residential Feng Shui, the stress is ” Hide wind and gather water, After the airflow enters the gate, it twists and turns in the house and flows slowly. Therefore, the structure of the hall brake must be changed. Screens, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets or other furniture can be used to separate the doors and windows on this line to block the airflow

  7. The door and the door are in a straight line

Feng Shui believes that the door of the house and the door in the house are in the same straight line, which is a very unlucky Feng Shui pattern. This pattern makes outsiders know their families at a glance, and the inner and outer doors wear through each other, so they can’t gather wealth. There are many ways to resolve this evil spirit. You can design a porch at the entrance, or put screens and tall woody plants to achieve the effect of evil spirit

  8. The gate faces the stairs

the stairs are divided into upward and downward. The upward stairs facing the gate will bring wealth to the house, and the wealth above will flow into the house along the stairs

similarly, if the door is facing the downward stairs, wealth will also go down with the stairs, and the residents will lose money at home, work in vain and live beyond their means. If someone borrows your money, be careful not to return it. The solution is to hang a concave mirror at the lintel to gather the flowing gas together

9. The door faces the window

the door at home faces the window, that is, when the door is in line with the window, it is the most unfavorable financial luck. When the gate is located in Kyrgyzstan, the wind blowing in from the gate is auspicious. Originally, auspicious atmosphere can be formed indoors. However, auspicious wind blows out due to the window directly opposite. This auspicious atmosphere cannot be gathered in the house, which affects the house transportation. Money is most closely related to the door of the house, so it is easy to lose money when the doors and windows collide. The door and window of the house are in a straight line, and the gas entering the house from the door and window is relatively straight, which makes the house easy to lose money. The solution to this situation is to often close the curtains or plant some plants in front of the window. But you can’t choose cactus plants with thorns

  10. The gate faces the wall

we call it ” Hit the wall ” ;. If you see a wall or a big pillar as soon as you go out of the house every day, how can you be unhappy? In fact, the way to be happy is very simple. You can paste a picture of welcome on the wall or big column, such as playing music, spring scenery, etc

11. The door is facing the mirror

the mirror itself has no good or bad luck. It mainly depends on the position where the mirror is placed. If the mirror is placed at the door, it is facing a mirror as soon as you enter the door, which is very unlucky Feng Shui, because the mirror will reflect the wealth and Yang Qi entering the house from the door, which will also affect the circulation of air flow and bring bad luck to the people in the house

12. The door faces the toilet

entering the door is usually the living room. If you see the toilet as soon as you enter the door, it is like foul gas facing you. This structure is easy to lead to family financial difficulties, husband and wife discord, strange diseases and other adverse conditions. The solution is to often close the door of the toilet, keep the toilet clean and tidy, and often open the window of the toilet for ventilation to eliminate the peculiar smell of the toilet

13. The door is facing the kitchen door

the door is facing the kitchen door, which is very unlucky in Feng Shui. The gate is an air vent and the kitchen is a fire. It is suspected of fanning the flames, which is harmful to the health of the family. Secondly, the kitchen is the Treasury of the house in Feng Shui. As the old saying goes: wealth is not revealed. Therefore, as soon as the guest enters the gate, he will see the ” Treasury ” , Of course not

solution: put a tall and leafy plant on the corridor between the two doors, or hang the plant on the kitchen door as a barrier; Or set partition doors on the corridor. The upper half of the door is glass and the lower half is perforated wood

14. Two doors open opposite each other

if the door is composed of two doors, the directions of the two doors should be consistent when opening or closing, which can be judged from the door handle. The most taboo thing about the door composed of two doors is to open one on the left and one on the right, which is the appearance of breaking money

  15. The gate faces the corner

if the gate faces the corner of someone else’s house and the distance is less than 15 meters, such a pattern will be formed ” Axe brake, Affected by the division of the gas field, the residents in the gate are prone to neurasthenia. In addition to the impact on health and wealth, there will even be a disaster of blood and light. The way to turn evil spirits is to put a pot of lush green large leaf plants in the corner of the wall, or fake potted plants

16. There is a straight road in front of the door

if the door of the house is collided by the straight road, it is commonly known as ” Offend the road rush ” , The solution is very simple. You can make a three inch and six minute high threshold at the door, and press five copper coins under the threshold. If it is inconvenient to make the threshold, you can also plant annular flowers at the door to mellow and dissolve the external force coming straight

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