Should the living room be located on the upper or lower floor of the house

There are many independent houses with two or three floors, and some houses have a duplex structure in the middle of the building. In this case, is it more beneficial for house transportation if the living room is located on the upper or lower floor of the house? From the perspective of Feng Shui, the living room is located at the lower level, while the bedroom and study are located at the upper level, which is more conducive to house transportation

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first of all, the living room is a place for visitors. If the living room can be separated from the bedroom, study and other private spaces. It can not only have a good sound insulation effect, but also have a more sense of security in bedrooms, study and other spaces

secondly, the living room is located on the lower floor. Guests can come to the living room to rest after entering the gate. It will also be more convenient and comfortable. Thirdly, if the living room is located on the upper floor, the anger and wealth flowing into the door will be more difficult to gather in the living room, which is not a good feng shui of Wangcai Wangzhai. Especially in the design of the middle floor, the upper floor is generally not as spacious and bright as the lower floor, which does not meet the requirements of the lucky house living room

finally, it also depends on the specific situation. Some independent houses also have good ventilation and lighting conditions on the upper floor. The living room is spacious and bright on the upper floor, and the lower floor is dominated by kitchen, dining room and toilet. The functional zoning is very clear and gives guests a good feeling, which is also OK

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