Influence of toilet in kitchen on Feng Shui

We all know that the kitchen belongs to fire, while the toilet belongs to water, and the kitchen and the toilet are water and fire. Therefore, in the layout of the home, the kitchen cannot be opposite to the toilet. From the perspective of hygiene, the kitchen is in charge of the family’s three meals a day, so we should pay attention to hygiene, but the toilet is a place where dirt is hidden in the home. Of course, if the two are together, they will affect the family’s health and so on, So in addition, what are the effects of toilets in the kitchen on Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

the kitchen is a place for cooking and cooking every day, which is related to the physical and mental health of the whole family. Therefore, in the layout of the home, the kitchen should have a good feng shui layout. If restrained by the influence of the toilet, it is suggested to put a ” Seven Star Xuanwu Town ” ; To suppress the ferocity of the toilet and prevent the geomantic omen of the toilet from affecting the magnetic field of a home

Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet is not suitable for houses adjacent to water and fire, such as kitchen and toilet. Otherwise, it may affect your health. If you have lived in this kind of house and it is difficult to change the structure, such as the stove is facing the bathroom, you must remember that the bathroom door should be always closed. Because the kitchen is the place where a family cooks food, while the bathroom is the place where they usually urinate and defecate. If the kitchen is close to the bathroom, there will be problems in hygiene. The foul gas in the bathroom is often difficult to remove, and it is easy to breed bacteria and dirt. In this way, more and more bacteria will appear in the kitchen, which will not only pollute food, but also damage human health

generally, the kitchen should not be connected with the toilet. In the layout of the home, the toilet itself is a dirty place. If it is opposite to the kitchen, the feng shui of the kitchen will be affected, which will destroy the feng shui of the kitchen, and the disease will enter from the mouth, resulting in the physical impact of the whole family and its adverse health

in the Feng Shui opposite the door of the kitchen and toilet, we know that the kitchen is the gathering place of the healthy Feng Shui of the whole home. If the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen is destroyed, it will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the whole home. In the kitchen bathroom door-to-door Feng Shui, the kitchen and bathroom door-to-door is undoubtedly the biggest taboo in Feng Shui. In this way, the evil spirit of the bathroom will enter the kitchen and inject foul gas into our meals. It is inevitable that the family will feel uncomfortable when eating. Time will accumulate into disease. Solution: the most thorough way is to stagger the two doors. If the objective situation does not allow, we can install air filters or place plants in the bathroom

some families have larger houses and more toilets. This is a design for your convenience. In fact, the more toilets, the better, because it is a place to hide filth. If there are more, it is equivalent to more places where family Feng Shui needs to be filled, strengthened and restrained. The more complex Feng Shui is, the deeper the impact on family relations will be, and eventually have an adverse impact. It is recommended to arrange up to 2 toilets

the best way to dissolve this Feng Shui aura is to put green plants at the door of the toilet, or put some small potted plants in the toilet, hang a landscape painting at the door of the toilet, and hang a curtain on the door of the toilet for a long time. Can play a good role in resolving

after reading the above articles, I can’t help sighing that there are so many taboos between the kitchen and the toilet, and the impact is so significant. For our health and the smooth development of our family transportation, we’d better pay more attention to Feng Shui about the kitchen and the toilet

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