Why should the living room be spacious and bright

The living room is the most important place for people to communicate with each other and stay in the living room for a long time. Spacious and bright is particularly important for the living room. The narrow living room can not bear the frequent exchanges between family and guests, which is bound to affect the stability of the family house

the dark living room is easy to cause mental tension, which is not conducive to promoting the conversation between family and guests, and will also hinder the career of family. The spacious and bright living room can create the best leisure and communication atmosphere for family and guests

spacious will not suppress, and can virtually make people speak freely; Bright is full of Yang, which can eliminate the psychological concerns of guests and easily accumulate popularity. A major function of the living room is to receive guests. The happiness of guests will affect the family atmosphere. There are many guests, good popularity, and the host and guest get along well, which can well promote house transportation

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