What’s wrong with the front door of the shop

The door direction of the shop should avoid facing some unlucky buildings in Feng Shui. The unlucky buildings in Feng Shui mainly refer to some buildings such as chimney, toilet, bullpen, stable, funeral home, hospital and so on. These buildings are either black smoke, or stink, or cry, or disease chant. The airflow brought by unlucky buildings is regarded as ferocious in Feng Shui

if you let the door of the shop open towards the unlucky building, the stench, crying and disease chanting will sweep in. It must be that there are few diners and few passengers. Moreover, for operators, often in such an environment, bad luck. If you want to set it in this area for other reasons, you must avoid these ominous things when opening the door, and choose to open the door in the direction of superior Qi. It is best to place a screen behind the door to block the bad Qi

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