Why should a balcony be set in a lucky house

It is suggested that residents should choose a room with balcony when choosing a residence. There is a great difference between a room with balcony and a room without balcony in Feng Shui. In particular, people living in cities, either in their houses or in their cars, are getting farther and farther away from nature. If there is a balcony at home, it can improve the relationship between man and nature

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first of all, the balcony can improve the ventilation conditions of the room. Having a balcony will be more conducive to breathing out the old and absorbing the new and collecting wind and gas in the room

secondly, the balcony can fully absorb the sunshine, which is in sunny days. Drying items such as quilts on the balcony for sterilization and disinfection is healthy and warm. You may have a warm dream at night

finally, for residents with higher living floors, planting flowers and plants or seasonal vegetables on the balcony can well improve the environment of the whole room. After study and work, the family can blow the wind on the balcony, chat and enjoy the scenery in the distance, which is so pleasant. Good lighting, favorable ventilation and breathing close to nature are the performance of good feng shui, which also has a good impact on house transportation

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