Why is it taboo to stack sundries on the balcony

The balcony, like the gate, is an important air intake and plays a very important role in Feng Shui. For the safety and privacy of the family, the door is closed most of the time except for the entrance and exit of the host and guest. Therefore, in fact, in a house, the balcony is the main air outlet and an important channel to ensure ventilation and daylighting. The layout of the balcony should be fresh and tidy, and should not stack too many sundries

if too many sundries are stacked on the balcony, it will pollute the angry air entering the room and make the angry air that was originally conducive to indoor Feng Shui dirty, so it can not play its original Feng Shui role. Moreover, the clean air coming in from the balcony will bring in the mildew of dust or sundries due to the pollution of sundries. It will also stimulate the nasal mucosa of indoor people and cause respiratory diseases. In home feng shui, it will make people depressed, lack of motivation, mental fatigue, work more difficult and so on. Therefore, it is best not to stack sundries on the balcony, but to plant green plants to adjust the balcony Feng Shui and indoor vitality

the balcony is an important air inlet in the house. It is the place where the door is opened in a house. The balcony should not be shot at the sharp corner opposite the house. From the perspective of Feng Shui, mellow is a gentle and affectionate pattern, which can attract wealth and contribute to the journey. Sharp corners are often regarded as a Feng Shui taboo, which can easily lead to restlessness in the house, decline in fate, and sudden illness

if the front of the balcony is shot by a sharp corner, it is more serious than that of other places in the house. First, as a viewing platform, there are sharp corners outside the balcony, which will destroy people’s line of sight and cause people’s mental tension; Second, the balcony is the place with the largest natural contact area with the outside world. If it is shot by a sharp angle, the evil spirit formed will double spread indoors, and the damage to indoor feng shui will be more serious

therefore, if there is a sharp corner shooting at the balcony, a cabinet or large green potted plants should be placed at the corresponding position to block the evil spirit, or Feng Shui decorations such as white jade gourd and five emperors’ copper coins should be hung at the sharp corner to dissolve the evil spirit

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