What kind of decoration is good for the restaurant

As the place where we eat every day, the restaurant is easy to have an impact on the fortunes of us and our family, which makes us pay attention to the feng shui of the restaurant and pay attention to the design of the restaurant. What mystery is hidden in the feng shui of the restaurant? Now let’s have a look

the restaurant is a place where we eat and communicate with our family every day, so we should pay attention to many details of the restaurant. Restaurant Feng Shui is one of them. Restaurant feng shui will affect the luck of us and our family, so we need to pay attention to some taboos of restaurant Feng Shui to avoid bringing bad luck to ourselves and our family because we violate taboos

restaurant feng shui ornaments

1. Place the tumbler. When it comes to the mascot of the town house, it must be the tumbler. Because the tumbler can make the Feng Shui in your home stable, and can also make some disordered auras more stable. Therefore, if you want to make the Feng Shui in your restaurant a town house, it’s best to put a tumbler in your restaurant

2. Placing the five emperors’ money in one’s own restaurant is actually very useful for the town house. Because the five emperors’ money itself can bring a more vigorous atmosphere, when the five emperors’ money is placed in the restaurant, the bad atmosphere can naturally become more vigorous. So putting a five emperor coin in the restaurant is actually very beneficial to the town house

3. Place Kirin. Because Kirin has a strong aura, Kirin can play the effect of town house. If the restaurant wants to house, the best way is to place a Kirin Feng Shui ornament, because this can increase the atmosphere of Feng Shui in the restaurant and make the Feng Shui in the restaurant change better, so it can house the restaurant

4. If there are many evil spirits in the restaurant, the most important way to ward off evil spirits at this time. If you want to ward off evil spirits, peach wood sword is indispensable, because peach wood sword itself belongs to a kind of Taoist anti evil articles. Therefore, if you put a peach wood sword in your own restaurant, you can naturally weaken the evil spirit in your home

5. Place the town house symbol. When it comes to the town house, it is natural that the town house symbol is indispensable. Because the town house symbol itself, from the name, belongs to a Feng Shui item specially produced for the town house. And the zhenzhai symbol itself can really play a good zhenzhai effect. Therefore, if the town house symbol is used in the restaurant, it can also play the effect of town house. Restaurant plants are placed in the restaurant, which is the place for dining. The flowers placed should not have strong and special fragrance, otherwise it is easy to dilute the fragrance of food and affect appetite. The types of table flowers mainly include flower arrangement, potted flowers and dish flowers

1. Flower arrangement: bottle flower arrangement materials should not be cumbersome. Sometimes just a bunch of scattered roses, carnations or Fu Lang flowers, with some green leaves or carnation as a foil, is enough to make people excited. In short, the flower arrangement on the table can be casual and relaxed, and the modeling should pay attention to the viewers from different angles

2. Potted flowers: potted flowers decorate the dining table, and the effect is also good. The potted flowers on the dining table should be low and clustered, dense and multi flowered, such as Cyclamen, African violet, longevity flower, hyacinth, calendula, four seasons Begonia, etc. In addition, when arranging potted flowers on the dining table, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the basin and soil. You can pad elegant basin seats or plates on the bottom of the basin, and the flowerpot should be made of purple sand

3. Dish flower: the dish flower is shaped in the dish with plant branches, leaves, flowers, fruits or cooked food, which is easy to make. Or, put a plate of fragrant flowers on the table, such as jasmine, osmanthus, Magnolia, etc

when placing the tabletop plants in the restaurant, we should pay attention to the following: the growth condition of the plants should be good, and the shape must be low, so as not to hinder the communication between people sitting opposite each other. Suitable plants include saffron, cyclamen, four seasons Begonia, ivy, etc., but in the restaurant, avoid furnishing plants with too strong smell, such as hyacinth

picture of Feng Shui hanging in the restaurant

1. Picture 9 of nine fish for prosperity ” ; It means long-term” Fish ” ; For the best of everything. Nine auspicious fish play in the water. In Feng Shui, there is a saying that red fish can prosper, so hanging a picture of nine fish and lotus in a Chinese restaurant can prosper and make money

2. Picture of peony with good luck. Picture of peony. The peony has a huge corolla, double petals, delicate and colorful, supported by green leaves on the left and right. Peony, which has been honored as a product of wealth and auspicious flowers, has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth for thousands of years, and is loved by all levels. If you can hang a picture of rich and auspicious peonies in the restaurant, you can bring a lot of good luck to the family. Peony painting is also an essential hanging painting in feng shui home

3. Come back with a full load of grapes. You can choose some fruit and vegetable pictures for hanging pictures in the restaurant. For vegetables, it’s best not to bring roots. Grape hanging paintings are placed in the restaurant. Feng Shui has auspicious meaning and implies a full harvest. It will be very suitable for hanging grapes in the restaurant

4. The picture of red plum blossoms greeting the Spring Festival ” People give little red plum, and poetry is an addendum. Xia Rong Gu shoots the face, wine shame Shouyang muscle. Too clean to be jealous. Wake up alone and be suspicious. Follow the beautiful spring scenery and protect yourself from the cold ” ;. Hongmei is also the object that Chinese scholars like to chant. There are many paintings and poems. A picture of red plum blossoms is hung in the restaurant, and the flowers are in full swing, which has brought a bit of joy to home life

5. Family harmony and Wanshixing calligraphy and painting ” ; It is an open-minded and calm philosophy of life, ” Home and everything prosper ” , A harmonious family can bring warmth, happiness, strength and prosperity to every family member. Only a harmonious family can overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties and be a truly warm family. Dream stone calligraphy ” ; Home and everything prospers ” It’s a good choice to hang pictures of Feng Shui in the restaurant

6. Four foot banner egret picture egrets are naturally beautiful and slender. They have very slender legs and neck, long mouth and toes. They are covered with white snow like feathers, just like a noble snow white. Egret feathers are used as valuable ornaments on Oriental dresses and used to be used in the female hat industry in the West. Egret was recognized as the city bird of Jinan in 2008. A picture of egrets and lotus flowers is hung in the decoration of the home restaurant, which not only beautifies the home, but also adds a little poetic and picturesque to the living environment

7. Landscape painting the natural scene brings a sense of harmony to your home and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at home. Landscape painting is most suitable for people born in autumn. But if there are pictures like waterfalls, it’s best not to hang them at home, because waterfalls will make the owner of the home lucky again and again. Don’t hang a picture of the sunset sinking in the west, because the picture of the sunset sinking in the West will make people feel depressed and lack the effect of momentum

8. If the portrait is a sketch of some beautiful characters, it is suitable for people of all zodiac signs, but if the image is drawn according to the real person, it is not suitable for people belonging to horses, chickens, dragons and pigs, because the real person painting is unfavorable to these people. In the space of a hall or a room, it is not suitable to hang more than one abstract figure painting, because more than two figure paintings will make the family’s emotions repeated, psychological imbalance and easy to be nervous. The relatively bare portrait is only suitable for hanging in the bedroom, because it is easy to reflect the human space. If it is hung in the living room, it is easy to lead to the leakage of spring love from the family

9. The Guanyin statue is painted with immortal, Buddha and other pictures, which can be used by anyone. But remember to ask the face of the statue to be kind and peaceful

10. Bat painting because ” Bat ” ; And ” Blessing ” ; Homonymy, bats have become an auspicious symbol of good luck and happiness. Two bats are painted together, one is single and the other is complete. It represents the psychology of seeking perfection, auspiciousness and happiness. There are five bats in the painting, representing five kinds of heavenly blessings, which are longevity, wealth, happiness, virtue and health. It can be seen that the five bat map is more suitable for the elderly. Bats are shaped like rats, so they belong to horses, rabbits and sheep, which are not suitable for hanging bat paintings

11. Plum blossom tumei has five petals, representing five auspicious gods. These five blessings are longevity, wealth, happiness, virtue and health. This has the same meaning as five bats. And Plum Blossom ” The nature is so beautiful that it is cold and open alone ” , It is one of the four gentlemen in the flower and the symbol of the highest ideal of Chinese literati’s personality. The one with bamboo, plum and two magpies is ” Bamboo and plum double happiness ” ; The auspicious picture, in which bamboo is used to describe husband and Mei is used to describe wife, is suitable for newlyweds

12. Peony picture peony is graceful and magnanimous. It is a rich and noble among flowers. It is an auspicious painting and is very suitable for hanging in the living room. In the old rich and noble family, there were colorful peony auspicious paintings hanging in the hall. Among them, peony and hibiscus are painted together, which means ” Prosperity ” ;; Peony and Catharanthus roseus are painted together, which means ” Rich Changchun ” ;; Peony and Begonia are painted together, indicating ” Shine on the courtyard ” ;; Peonies and peaches are painted together, indicating ” Longevity, wealth and honor ” ;; Peony and Narcissus are painted together, indicating ” Immortal wealth ”

13. Songhe and tuhe are called ” Yipin Bird ” , Second only to Phoenix. The crane picture shows the boundless longevity of the crane, which is more suitable for the elderly at home and hung in the living room. Cranes also have ” Chicken ” ; Summer and autumn are more suitable for those born. If the Chinese zodiac of the elderly in the family belongs to the dragon, rabbit, horse and mouse, it is not suitable to hang the crane picture

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