Design of shop gate

Obviously, the store door can attract people’s attention, make people interested and stimulate ” Go in and have a look ” ; Awareness of participation. How to get in and where to get in need of correct guidance. The purpose of store door design is to tell customers these relevant information and make them clear at a glance

first of all, the design of the store gate should pay attention to the choice of shape. At present, there are three kinds of store Gates: one is straight, one is retracted, one is variable, and another is protruding. Flat and straight gates are common and often appear. The retracted gate is more auspicious. Retraction can strengthen the suction of the gate. The variable gate gives people an atmospheric and modern feeling. It is not reasonable. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is also a good choice. The protruding gate cannot be used. This kind of gate can not only accumulate gas, but also leak money and even affect traffic, resulting in safety accidents

secondly, we should pay attention to the specific location of the door. In the design of the store, the design of the position of customers’ access door is an important part. Whether to place the door in the center of the store, or on the left or right, depends on the specific flow of people. Generally, the door of large shopping malls can be placed in the center, while the access part of small shopping malls is not appropriate in the center, because the store is narrow, It directly affects the actual use area in the store and the free circulation of customers. The entrance and exit doors of small stores should be set on the left or right, which is more reasonable

thirdly, pay attention to the opening and closing of the store door. Generally speaking, the store door should be open, and the design should consider not to let customers have ” Claustrophobia” Dark ” ; And other bad psychology, so as to refuse customers outside the door. The store door with bright, unobstructed and echo effect is the best design

in addition, the store door design should also consider whether the road in front of the store is flat, whether the daylighting is sufficient, how much noise is and the direction of sunlight

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