Feng Shui in the study is exquisite

Feng Shui in the study is very particular. Don’t decorate and decorate casually

① the desk should not face the door

② the chair cannot press the beam

③ the desk should not be too close to the bed

④ the seat should not be back to the door

⑤ study garbage should be removed frequently to avoid polluting Wenchang

⑥ the light in the study should be bright

⑦ toys, dolls and star portraits should not be placed in the study

⑨ the desk should be kept neat and clean, and the mind on the desk should be in disorder

⑨ the study door shall not be opposite to the toilet and kitchen

① the study should be located in Wenchang

if the study cannot be located in the Wenchang position at home due to the congenital structural problems of the house, the desk can be placed in the Wenchang position of the study as far as possible, which can also be effective

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