What sundries at home have an impact on Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that in order to make the house contain wind and gas, the house must be kept clean and tidy, and there should be no messy sundries. Because these sundries often become the biggest evil spirit in the home. As long as they are stacked in a visible place, they will create a bad feng shui effect. Three kinds of sundries have the greatest impact on Feng Shui

the first is: broken electrical appliances

the second is: moldy and deteriorated items

the third kind is: articles that have never been used or are no longer used after only one use. These three kinds of sundries will emit a strong foul smell and seriously affect the family fortune

the best way to prevent the sundries from being harmful to the feng shui of the house is to set up some boxes and cabinets in the house for storage, and put all the sundries in the boxes and cabinets, so that they can’t be seen. Frequently used sundries can be put into small baskets and placed on the cabinet, desktop or under the tea table. Those sundries that will seriously affect Feng Shui should be thrown away as soon as possible. The Yellow calendar says ” Except ” Throwing away the sundries can improve Feng Shui at home

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