Why are the nails on the wall pulled out

Many people have had the experience that in order to hang a picture on the wall, we must first nail a nail on the wall. Many times, people only consider whether the picture can add beauty to the house, while ignoring the influence of the orientation of the nail on the feng shui of the house.

Feng Shui believes that if a nail is nailed to the wall in the southwest, there will be problems with the mother’s health; Nailed to the western wall, it means that the little daughter may get sick, but the nails without picture frame cover give people a strong sharp feeling and will hurt people’s body virtually

Of course, hanging a picture frame on a nail can hide the sharp feeling of the nail, so it has no effect on Feng Shui. But it’s best to cover the head of the nail, such as decorating some soft ornaments on the head of the nail. If the nail is not used, it’s best to pull it out.

In Feng Shui, the location and placement of nails on the wall are considered important for promoting positive energy flow in a space. Here are some general tips on the subject:

  • Avoid placing nails or screws on the walls in the center of a room, as it is believed to disrupt the smooth flow of energy.
  • Use nails or screws that do not have sharp points or edges, as they can create negative energy.
  • Use the correct size of nails or screws for the weight of the object being hung. Too big a nail or screw can create unnecessary weight and disrupt energy flow.
  • Avoid leaving empty nail or screw holes on the walls, as they can attract negative energy. If you remove a nail or screw, it is recommended to cover the hole with spackling paste or wall filler.
  • If you want to hang multiple pictures on one wall, ensure that the nails or screws are positioned symmetrically. Hanging pictures in a balanced arrangement enhances the energy flow in a room.

It is important to note that these Feng Shui tips are just guidelines, and it is ultimately up to personal preference and creativity when it comes to decorating and hanging objects on walls.

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