Pay attention to Feng Shui in home decoration

In the introduction of Feng Shui, there are quite a lot of Feng Shui related to decoration. For example, which style is the most suitable for decoration, and which household accessories should not be used, etc. Only by giving full consideration to these details can we ensure that the house can have excellent Feng Shui after decoration. So what are these precautions

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no hedge brake

the main reason for the worst mistake of hedge brake is hedge. For example, the hedge is caused by the door of the house and the balcony and window behind the living room in a straight line, or the mutual hedge between the door of the kitchen and the door of the sanitary room

in the face of such a bad situation, we must resolve it through decoration, so as to ensure the stability of home feng shui. For example, if the door of the house is opposed to the balcony, a screen can be placed between them, or a wall can be set between them in the way of decoration, which can also play a shielding effect

no missing corners

the pattern of some houses is prone to missing corners, which has great damage to the feng shui of the whole house, so it needs to be resolved through decoration. Good decoration can resolve the bad feng shui situation of lack of corners without damaging the whole decoration theme. In addition, placing the same five lines of feng shui ornaments and Wangcai plants in the missing corner can also play a good effect

do not place furniture randomly

furniture is not only an important part of home feng shui, but also a major factor that can affect the stability of home feng shui. Like sofa, fish tank, TV, tea table and so on, there are corresponding placement skills in Feng Shui. Don’t put it wrong, resulting in Feng Shui decline

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