Is the bedroom Feng Shui layout closely related to love

In terms of Yangzhai Feng Shui, the layout of bedroom Feng Shui is most related to love. So if you want to have a happy relationship, or make the relationship between your partners more harmonious, then you must not ignore the Feng Shui furnishings in your bedroom

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(1) bedroom pattern should be square : the quality of bedroom pattern is the projection of love. Choosing a square bedroom pattern can make your love development more stable and solid. Both sides will be in an equal and harmonious relationship and have a rational thinking mode of love; On the contrary, if the bedroom pattern belongs to the long and narrow type, then each other is easy to be grumpy and impatient, resulting in constant quarrels

(2) the light in the room should be soft : the bedroom is a private space, which can also enhance many interests. However, if the bedroom is closed around, there are no windows to let the sun shine in, or the light is too dim, it is easy to lead to more and more misunderstandings between each other. It is suggested to choose a room with windows and sunshine as the master bedroom, which will help the good luck and stability of the relationship. Choosing soft and natural lights and simple lighting can not only make the two sides get along with less pressure, but also avoid the phenomenon of empathy and love

(3) keep the bottom of the bed clean : under the bed is also one of the key points that must be paid attention to. Sometimes, in order to save space or beauty, some infrequently used things will be stacked under the bed. Although this will not hinder the appearance, stacking things under the bed will not only accumulate dust or insects, but also produce unclean bad luck over time, which will easily cast a shadow on love, In addition, the bottom of the bed is not circulating, and it is also easy to have poor communication problems in interaction with each other. It’s best to take the things piled under the bed to the storage room

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