Will the master bedroom be in the west of the home

Generally speaking, the location selected in the bedroom will not become a fierce location. Even if it is slightly difficult, it can be resolved by some simple methods. But if you choose a Western bedroom, you need to pay a little attention

the position of the western white tiger is generally considered not very good in Feng Shui. If the husband and wife’s master bedroom is selected in the west, and the western white tiger dominates women, it is easy to cause strong women and weak men, and the Yin and yang are not smooth. The momentum of the husband will gradually weaken and the wife will become stronger and stronger

if the west is used as a children’s room or a room for the elderly, it is not particularly advantageous, because the west is on the waning side, and the elderly living in the West will aggravate their own loneliness; Children should be as vibrant as the rising sun. The momentum of the west is easy to make children mature

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