Toilet feng shui knowledge

The setting of the toilet is very important in the room, because it is the place where the dirty gas in the room is most concentrated. The most important point in toilet design is that the ventilation conditions are good. Toilet feng shui knowledge has two characteristics:

first, it is dirty. No matter how clean you clean the bathroom, it still belongs to a place to hide dirt in Feng Shui. Therefore, only good ventilation conditions can change the dirty air in the toilet, so as not to affect the indoor Feng Shui

Second, humidity. Besides, the damp place in the bathroom is the place where people are most likely to get sick after bathing. However, if there is a good vent, it will blow some moisture out of the house to ensure good air in the bathroom

maintain good ventilation conditions in the bathroom, and it is best to open a window for the bathroom. Windows are not only conducive to ventilation, but also absorb sunlight and kill bacteria in the bathroom. However, the window of the bathroom cannot be set too large or too low. Pay attention to protect the privacy of the bathroom. In addition, the exhaust fan can also be used to discharge the turbidity and moisture in the toilet

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