Feng Shui taboo in ceiling decoration of residential bedroom

The bedroom is a very important area for us, because the bedroom is a space that only belongs to us. Whether the feng shui of the bedroom is good or bad, it will always affect our luck and health; And we will stay in the bedroom for a long time every day. The feng shui of the bedroom is naturally related to our luck. In that case, what taboos should we pay attention to in the decoration of the ceiling in the feng shui of the bedroom

the ceiling shape should not be mouth shaped

in the decoration of the bedroom, the decoration of the ceiling shape is very particular, because how to decorate the ceiling shape is related to the feng shui of the bedroom, while the feng shui of the bedroom is related to our bad luck! It can be seen that you must know what shape is suitable for ceiling decoration!!! Feng Shui believes that the bedroom ceiling should not be decorated into a mouth shape, and the mouth shape ceiling is unlucky! Imagine that the ceiling in the shape of a mouth is in the bedroom, which means that there is a person in the mouth, so it becomes ” Prisoner ” , Such a pattern means that our fortune is trapped, which will also form an unlucky bedroom Feng Shui, which will destroy our fortune development and health

the height of the ceiling should not be too low

the ceiling should be installed in the bedroom. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the height of the ceiling. Many people ignore the importance of the height of the ceiling. However, the height design of the ceiling will also affect the Feng Shui and bad luck of the bedroom, which should not be treated carelessly! Feng Shui believes that if the height of the ceiling in the bedroom is too low, it is easy to form an oppressive pattern, which will visually make the family feel stressed and mentally make the family feel forced; In this way, the physical and mental health of the family can not be relaxed. They are always in a tense and very stressful atmosphere, and their physical and mental health will be damaged in the long run; In addition, such a pattern is not conducive to the fate of the family. It may also lead to the oppression of the family in life and work, the difficulty of career development, and the trouble of villains! Therefore, the ceiling of the bedroom must not be too low, otherwise it will touch the Feng Shui taboo and cause a lot of adverse effects

chandeliers cannot be installed on the ceiling

lamps and lanterns are also required in the bedroom, but relatively speaking, chandeliers are not suitable for use in the bedroom; Although the chandelier is gorgeous and tall, after all, the bedroom is only a space for rest and sleep. Using the chandelier in the bedroom is effective; In addition, the ceiling is too dazzling, and the shape of some chandeliers is sharp. The use of chandeliers in the bedroom will virtually bring a deep evil spirit to the bedroom, which will also lead to the deterioration of the Feng Shui aura of the bedroom, and even affect our sleep, health and fortune. Therefore, in any case, you should not use chandeliers when decorating the ceiling of the bedroom

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