Do toilets and kitchens have a relative impact on Feng Shui

In home feng shui, kitchens and toilets are relatively taboos, which will have a great impact on the Feng Shui aura of the whole house. So what are the aspects of this impact and what harm will it bring to the family

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How do toilets and kitchens affect residential Feng Shui

here we will briefly introduce the impact of violating this Feng Shui taboo on the Feng Shui pattern of the bathroom to the kitchen

1 , adverse to health: because the filthy gas in the bathroom is relatively heavy, and the kitchen is the home of the family, if the filthy gas in the bathroom enters the kitchen, it will inevitably affect the gas field of the kitchen. For example, when cooking, the filthy gas in the bathroom enters the kitchen, and the cooked food will inevitably be stained with filthy gas. People’s health will not be good after eating such food

2. bad luck for Wealth: although the filth in the bathroom is strong, its five elements are water and the lower water level in the home, so it will be helpful for wealth. If it is opposite to the kitchen, it will form a situation of Feng Shui hedging, which will have a certain adverse impact on the wealth in the bathroom

3. disordered indoor air field: in general, the air field in the house maintains a relatively stable state, which flows slowly like a calm water surface. However, when the toilet is opposite to the kitchen, the five elements of the toilet belong to water, while the five elements of the kitchen are fire. In this way, the water and fire stand opposite, which is bound to collide, resulting in disorder in the gas field in the house

therefore, when renting a house or buying a house, we must pay attention to the location of the bathroom, which must not be opposite to the kitchen, otherwise it will have a great impact on the health, wealth and gas field of the family

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