Feng shui knowledge, how to layout the kitchen, do you know

As we all know, Feng Shui is everywhere. Even though Feng Shui is an ancient academic, people have been paying great attention to Feng Shui for a long time in today’s life, especially in home life. The kitchen is also a place that needs to pay attention to Feng Shui, and Feng Shui in the kitchen is closely related to our health, fortune and even wealth, Do you know the layout of Feng Shui Kitchen? Might as well look at the relevant articles to understand it

how much do you know about the layout of the kitchen

kitchen space layout: the kitchen door is oriented, and the space layout should be high on the left and low on the right, high in the back and low in the front. Cabinets, stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. are best placed on the left or back of the kitchen. Because the left is the position of green dragon, it is the main wealth; After that, it is Xuanwu, which is the master of health. Therefore, placing items such as stove in these two directions can bring health and wealth to the family

kitchen color: the kitchen is a place with high hygiene requirements, so the color is generally bright and concise warm color. However, the tone of the ground must be slightly deeper than that of the wall and ceiling, with a sense of massiness and stability. In this way, a sense of space is formed, which is heavy at the bottom and light at the top, giving people a sense of stability and tranquility

the stove should not be opposite to the door, window or window, and the stove should not be close to the partition wall of the toilet. At present, many houses have kitchens and toilets next to each other. At this time, the stove must be far away from the partition between the bathroom and the kitchen. The aisle of the kitchen should not be flushed with the stove

if you want to place ” Kitchen King ” ; The God position should not be close to the stove and vegetable washing basin. It is suitable to be placed near the kitchen door and higher than the stove

it should not be in the same position as the kitchen sink, and should not be in the same position as the kitchen sink

the kitchen is not suitable for open design. Because the kitchen is the place with the most oil smoke, it is easy for the dirty gas to flow into the house. Moreover, the kitchen is a place for breeding, which is suitable for gathering rather than dispersing

the kitchen door should not face the door. The three essentials of Yangzhai pointed out: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , If you encounter such a pattern, the only way to avoid it is to change the door

the color of the cabinet should match the hostess’s five behaviors. The hostess should be mainly represented by the color of the five elements of the God of food. It belongs to wood, and the God of food is fire, which should be red or orange; It belongs to fire, and the God of food is earth. It should be yellow or brown; It belongs to the earth, and the God of food is gold, which should be gold or silver; It belongs to gold, and the God of food is water, which should be blue or black; It belongs to water. The God of food is wood. It should be green

feng shui knowledge. Do you know how to layout the kitchen stove

Step 1: the stove should not face the kitchen door. The stove is facing the kitchen door. Family members are discordant, grumpy and damaging to money

Second: the stove cannot face the bedroom door. Anger is harmful to the health of the family

Third: the stove cannot be set in the center of the kitchen. It is located in the center of the kitchen, with no support on all sides. The family is unstable, which suppresses the spirit of the family and indicates the disaster of money loss

Fourth: the back of the stove must not be empty. The back of the stove depends on the wall, and there is a backer behind the master when cooking, which represents the stability and health of the family

fifth: the stove cannot be backed by the toilet. Water and fire impact, and the toilet is easy to attract insects and ants, and will produce foul gas bacteria

sixth: the stove should not be close to water. If there is tap water, the stove is close to the faucet. Water and fire often affect each other and are dangerous. It is also not allowed to be close to the refrigerator. The stove is with fire, which is close to the refrigerator. Cold and heat collide with each other, resulting in energy consumption. For rural water tanks, it is not allowed to set the stove next to or facing the water tank. Water and fire are mutually exclusive, which is unfavorable to the transportation

seventh: pay attention to the height of the stove. It’s not easy to cook if it’s too high, and it’s difficult to operate if it’s too low. It’s better to be 86-100cm. Do not set it under the window. Because the sand and dust outside the window attack, it is unsanitary

eighth: the direction of the stove should be determined according to the owner’s preference. For example, homeowner Camptotheca can go to the East, which is beneficial to homeowners. However, the setting sun should be avoided, that is, the kitchen should not be exposed to the West. It is unlucky for the stove to be exposed to the west sun

ninth: the stove should not be under the beam. There is a saying in Feng Shui that the beam is unlucky. The beam on the stove is more serious than above the bed and seat, which has an impact on health

tenth: the kitchen is a place where water and fire collide. If Yin and yang can be balanced, it is conducive to the prosperity of the home. The Yin place is generally used to store things, rather than the place often used by the whole family. Of course, if a corner of the kitchen can be used as a temporary dining area, it can increase the Yang of the kitchen and balance the Yin and Yang of the kitchen

do you understand the layout taboos of feng shui knowledge kitchen

first, don’t face the kitchen door directly. The Sutra says: ” Open the door to the stove, people and money are wasted” ; This pattern not only makes it difficult to gather wealth at home, but also tends to damage the health of women at home, which will be more detrimental to pregnant women. If there is such a pattern, in addition to changing the door, you can also add a threshold at the kitchen door, with unlimited threshold height

Second, the kitchen door should not be directly facing the bedroom door, which can easily lead to dizziness, irritability and indirectly affect the health of the fetus

Third, the floor of the kitchen should not be higher than the floor of the hall, which can prevent the backflow of sewage. Secondly, it reflects the difference between primary and secondary. Thirdly, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should rise step by step, symbolizing that the future of future generations is better than that of the previous generation

Fourth, the balcony aisle should not be directly facing the stove, and the long aisle flushes the fire, which increases the probability that the fetus is unstable in the pregnant palace

fifth, the stove should not face the refrigerator and sink. Refrigerators and sinks belong to water in the five elements. Their opposition to the fire will form the intersection of water and fire, which is easy to produce a bad pregnancy

sixth, the stove should not be under the beam. If the beam is pressed on the top, it will cause multiple diseases of pregnant women, fetuses and other family members. The girder sealed in the ceiling will not cause damage to the stove. If the girder is exposed outside the ceiling, a Chinese knot needs to be hung at the girder directly above the stove. This method can solve this Feng Shui defect

seventh, the stove must not have no back, but must rely on the solid wall to show the happiness and abundance of future generations

eighth, the kitchen should not be directly opposite to the bathroom. The kitchen is a place to eat and the bathroom is a place to vent. Therefore, we should avoid the direct opposition between the kitchen door and the bathroom door. The kitchen door is directly opposite to the bathroom door, which is easy to cause the mixing of clean and dirty gas, the mixing of receiving and discharging gas and the mixing of auspicious and unlucky gas. This mixed atmosphere has a certain impact on the child’s innate IQ. If the house type pattern is difficult to change, the kitchen and bathroom are relative, then a bead curtain must be hung outside the bathroom

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