How to dissolve the bathroom facing the bedroom door

Now there is a popular view that going to a person’s home to see if the person has taste and how he is, the most important thing is to look at the bathroom. Real rich and tasteful people will install the bathroom well, while those who fill their faces with fat people often make the living room very beautiful, but ignore the comfort and cleanliness of the bathroom. If guests only go to the bathroom once, their impression of the host’s home will be greatly reduced

many families now have two bathrooms, one outside the living room and one in the big bedroom. This design was originally designed to facilitate the owner to go to the toilet at night. It can be seen that the designer has made great efforts, but maybe the bathroom in the big bedroom is in the middle of the whole house. This is a taboo in Feng Shui. The bathroom must not be in the middle of the house. In geomantic omen theory, the five yellows have always been the orientation that geomantic omens attach great importance to. The so-called five yellows, also known as five ghosts, are a kind of earth evil spirit with strong energy in geomantic omen. The Five ghosts are usually in the middle of the house. Feng Shui Masters told us not to put filthy things in the Five ghosts in the house. These things are easy to arouse the energy of the Five ghosts and do great harm to the residents of the whole house. The toilet is a place where filth and filth are concentrated in a house. If it is placed in the middle of the house, it is just a taboo to recruit the ground. So if a girl wants to buy a house, first look at the house type map. If there is a toilet in the middle of the house, it’s best not to consider it, because the negative impact of this direction is also difficult to resolve

the bathroom in the big bedroom is also easy to have a problem, that is, the door of the toilet is facing the bedroom. This is the same as the door of the bathroom in the outer room facing the door of the bedroom. It’s not very good. From the perspective of healthy Feng Shui, the foul gas in the toilet is heavy, and it will have a great impact on the owner’s health if it flows out into the bedroom. Especially women are prone to some minor diseases. Although these minor diseases are not harmful, it is difficult to recover

this pattern is also easy to affect the marriage of unmarried girls, and there are many difficulties in love and marriage. Many master bedrooms with toilets have a porch where they connect with the living room. You can change the door of the toilet to the porch, so it won’t face the bedroom. If the toilet door of the master bedroom faces the door of the bedroom, you can add a porch in the middle, or hang a curtain on the door of the bedroom. Usually, you should remember to close the door of the bathroom

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