What if the bathroom is facing the gate

What if the bathroom is facing the gate? The door of the toilet cannot face the door of the house. From the perspective of Feng Shui in the toilet, there is dirt in the toilet, and the function of the gate for a house is to accept gas, ” The gate is an air port. If you accept gas, you will be lucky, and if you decline gas, you will be fierce ” ;. The gate is like people’s respiratory system, which sucks people’s anger for our house and makes our house breathe smoothly. If the toilet faces the door, on the one hand, it will make a lot of anger flow into the toilet and affect the circulation of the breath of our house. On the other hand, it may also collide with the foul gas from the toilet and make the breath chaotic. This Feng Shui pattern dissolves : hang a bead curtain on the toilet door, or block a screen between the door and the toilet

in addition to not facing the room and bedroom, the door of the bathroom should not face the kitchen. This is mainly from the perspective of our health. The kitchen is the place where we cook delicious food, while the bathroom is the place of grain reincarnation. The little housewives who come out of the kitchen with a pot of delicious food will lose half their enthusiasm for eating if they first see the toilet in the bathroom. Many feng shui masters also believe that the door of the kitchen is facing the door of the bathroom, which is easy to hinder health and get gastrointestinal diseases

in modern families, it’s better not to covet a small area and change the bathroom into a bedroom. Feng Shui thinks it’s not good. To put it plainly, the structure of the apartment is generally the same upstairs and downstairs. If you change the bathroom to a bedroom, it is equivalent to sleeping under someone else’s toilet every day, which is very taboo in Feng Shui. The pipes are connected. The sound of flushing upstairs and downstairs at night can be heard clearly in your bedroom. What’s more, the filth upstairs is discharged through the pipe in your bedroom, which will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also damage your luck

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