How about sleeping on a sofa bed

Home decoration is indeed a knowledge. For those who experience decoration for the first time, they should know more, see more decoration cases, summarize experience and apply what they have learned. Decorating a house should not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to Feng Shui. China has always paid attention to Feng Shui. It’s not superstition here. Here we take its more reasonable part. For example, the problem of placing Feng Shui taboos on sofas. When we buy a new sofa, should we pay attention to the problem of placing Feng Shui taboos on sofas. How about sleeping on a sofa bed? Where should the sofa be placed, what should be paid attention to, and whether it will bring inconvenience to the host’s home? These are the contents of Feng Shui taboos on sofa placement

summary and analysis of Feng Shui taboos on sofa

1 Don’t hedge with the door

(1) when placing the sofa, don’t make the sofa opposite the door because of the area and placement habit. If such a problem occurs, you will encounter the taboo of the sofa

(2) in this case, it’s best to move the sofa or put it in another position, so as not to collide with the door. If this problem cannot be changed, a screen can be placed between the two

  2. There are contacts behind the sofa

(1) there are solid walls and reliable objects behind the sofa, which are generally walls. In this way, it can be said that there are backers, and the family has confidence in speaking and doing things

(2) if there are windows, doors or passages behind the sofa, it is equivalent to no backers behind the sofa, giving people an experience of lack of security

  3. There should be no mirror behind the sofa

(1) there should not be a big mirror behind the sofa. People sitting on the sofa can clearly see the back of the head from the mirror. This implication is not good

(2) if you need to install a mirror, put it next to the sofa, as long as it is not in the back

  4. Yiwan should not be straight

(1) sofa plays a very important role in the living room, just like the country’s main port and excellent port. Therefore, when determining its installation position, do not directly form a straight shape, with the highest curved shape

(2) today’s sofa is generally designed in this way. As long as you install it yourself, it’s good to install it. The depression in the center of the sofa is the air receiving position of Feng Shui, which can hide wind and gather Qi, so as to achieve the meaning of prosperity of people and money

  5. There is a light on the top of the sofa

(1) if there is a light on the top of the sofa, it is inconsistent with the knowledge of Feng Shui. We should try our best to avoid it, otherwise it will bring bad moral

(2) if there is a light tube on your head, it will affect your eyesight. Strong light will hurt our eyes and cause dizziness and other discomfort

  6. Sofa must be placed

(1) sofa is a place for rest and a daily sitting and lying position of a family. It needs to be placed in the best position at home, generally in an auspicious position

(2) in this way, a family of young and old can be infected with the prosperity of this direction and need good luck and blessing

Feng Shui taboos on sofa placement are common in new house decoration, and special attention will be paid generally, otherwise it will affect the living habits and sleep quality of the family. In the taboo of placing Feng Shui on the sofa, don’t arbitrarily choose a position because of the current conditions, which may bring trouble to your future use. If you encounter the placement problems of sofa, wardrobe and other furniture, you can understand the relevant Feng Shui by yourself to avoid making mistakes

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