Which kind of Feng Shui animal ornaments are most beneficial to Wenchang’s prosperity

Among animals, birds and animals are very conducive to study, not only because birds are smart and sensitive, but also because the aura brought by birds flying high is most conducive to promoting students to raise their ideals and work hard. Among all Feng Shui animal ornaments, ” Mirs spread their wings ” ; Is the best way to promote prosperity and prosperity

first of all, Dapeng is the tallest and farthest among the birds. It is called ” The ROC moved to Nanming, where the water excited three thousand miles, and the one who kneaded and swayed up was ninety thousand miles” ; Although slightly exaggerated, it shows that Dapeng has great ambition. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the aura generated by Dapeng is very high and can inspire students. At the same time, it also has auspicious blessings for students, that is, the future of students is like Dapeng and has a bright future

Dapeng is most beneficial to the prosperity of culture and can also promote the career. It is most suitable for staff who have just entered the workplace and can encourage them to show their skills” Mirs spread their wings ” ; Avoid putting it in the bedroom. The study and living room are very good places. The spread wings should face the auspicious seat, while the mouth of the ROC should not face the seat and people. In addition, people whose zodiac is snake should not display ” Mirs spread their wings ”

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