Have to see the toilet decoration Feng Shui

We have to see what the decoration Feng Shui of the toilet will be like? How to decorate the bathroom? Is Feng Shui the best? Now let me introduce you to the articles about Feng Shui in toilet decoration

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toilet decoration Feng Shui you have to see

toilet decoration Feng Shui you have to understand

1. Toilet color

toilet five elements belong to water. It is best to choose gold white and water black and blue, which appear elegant, peaceful and quiet. Light green, light yellow, light blue, milky white and other colors are also applicable to the bathroom, giving people a sense of freshness and freedom. Try to avoid dazzling colors such as bright red, which is easy to annoy toilet users

2. Toilet location

as a dirty place, the toilet must pay attention to its location. First of all, the bathroom should not be in the center of the room. It is not only poor lighting, but also easy to cause household pollution. The foul air flows to all directions of the room. The humid air is stuffy indoors, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is very harmful to health

3. Green plants dissolve foul gas

putting green plants in the bathroom can dissolve foul gas, but high humidity and large temperature difference between cold and warm easily affect plant growth, so it is best to choose green plants that like darkness. Potted decoration can add natural interest, and can raise ferns, vertical plants and other moisture resistant plants; The bathroom is spacious and bright, and you can cultivate colorful plants such as pineapple, bamboo taro and Cymbidium

4. Toilet position

the toilet position should be hidden. If the bathroom is large, the toilet can be installed in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door. Hidden behind the low wall, screen or curtain, it is best not to see it from the mirror. It is not necessary to close the toilet cover at ordinary times

15 toilet decoration Feng Shui taboos revealed

1. The bathroom faces the bedroom door. The bathroom facing the bedroom door is harmful to family health, especially women at home, who are prone to gynecological problems

2. The toilet is opposite to the gate. If the door is facing the toilet, it is more serious

3. Align the bed horizontally with the toilet. Bed beating is easy to affect the family and marital relationship in the bathroom. Couples will often quarrel and affect their health. The body parts directly rushed by the bathroom will have problems or pain

4. Do not make the bed straight to the bathroom. Straightening the bed and aligning the toilet will lead to centrifugation on one side and often don’t return home

5. The wall of the toilet is close to the head of the bed. The wall of the bathroom is near the head of the bed, which means that members of the family are easy to provoke gossip and there are many villains around

6. The bathroom door is opposite to the kitchen door. The bathroom door to the kitchen door will affect the health of housewives, and the foul gas in the bathroom is close to things, so people in the room are prone to gastrointestinal diseases

7. Toilet to dining room. The bathroom is opposite to the dining room. Feng Shui says that people often don’t eat at home

8. The toilet is too wet. The toilet must always be dry and clean, otherwise it is very easy to accumulate Yin Qi, which is harmful to wealth and health

9. The window of the toilet is closed for a long time. If there is no window in the toilet or the window is closed for a long time, the foul gas will accumulate, and it is easy to accumulate Yin gas, which will lead to family discord and affect the house. Pot plants can be placed in the toilet to dissolve it

10. The toilet is located in the central palace. The bathroom is most forbidden to be located in the middle of the whole house, which means it is easy to lose money and make family members sick and sick

11. The toilet should not be close to the door. The toilet is too close to the gate, which is easy to lose money. Families quarrel more. The solution is to close the toilet door often

12. Avoid black in the toilet. Bright colors should be used in the bathroom, and gloomy colors such as gray, black and blue should not be used. The toilet itself is already lack of Yang, coupled with the gloomy tone, it is equivalent to adding fuel to the fire and provoking Yin and spirit

13. Open the toilet door for a long time. The toilet door should not be opened for a long time, otherwise it will damage the health of the family. It is best to close the door for a long time and often open the exhaust fan

14. The toilet is built in the kitchen. If you enter the toilet through the kitchen door first, it is easy to cause gastroenteropathy, and it is easy to suffer from the problem that makes you ill for a long time

15. The bathroom door is opposite to the divine position. The bathroom door collides with the divine position, so that the Bodhisattva or ancestors are not in power, the house is restless, and it is easy to be framed by villains

10 Feng Shui taboos in toilet decoration layout

1. The toilet should not be opened in the center of the house

if the toilet is in the center of the house, it is ” Tuke water ” , So bad. In addition, the center of the house is as important as the human heart. The bathroom built in the middle affects the beauty and violates the way of Feng Shui

2. The toilet and mirror should not face the door of the bathroom

3. Don’t face the mirror and the toilet directly. It’s a reasonable situation that you can’t see the toilet when you look in the mirror

4. The toilet should not be built in the southwest or northeast

the toilet focuses on the incoming and outgoing water. The water and gas are very heavy. There will be ” Tuke water ” , Unlucky, it will damage the health of your family

5. The toilet should not be opened in the South

because of the South ” Fire ” ; Gas weight, and ” Moisture ” ; Water and fire incompatibility between heavy sanitary ware is unlucky

6. The direction of the toilet cannot be consistent with the direction of the house

the direction of the toilet cannot be consistent with the direction of the house, which may lead to health problems of family members

7. The farther the toilet is from the door, the better

the toilet is best located in the innermost part of the toilet, and the farther it is from the door, the better. If the position of the toilet cannot be changed, the toilet cover can be covered at any time or separated with a cloth curtain, which is conducive to separating the dirty gas of the toilet and preventing it from flowing into other rooms of the house

8. It is better to have windows in the bathroom

it is better to have windows in the bathroom. The air in the bathroom is the worst in all rooms, so it’s best to have windows in the bathroom, which can be opened for ventilation. It’s best to have plenty of sunshine and ventilation

9. The toilet should maintain air circulation

it is not enough to keep it clean. The toilet and bathroom should always have air circulation to let fresh air flow in and blow away the dirty air in the toilet

10. Don’t build a basin platform in the bathroom in the bedroom

consider decorating Feng Shui, and don’t build a basin platform in the bathroom, because the floor of the bathroom can’t be higher than the floor of the bedroom, especially the position of the bathtub can’t have a feeling of being higher

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