How to distinguish the five element attributes of plants

Plants can carry out photosynthesis, provide fresh air for people, reduce the radiation of various electrical appliances, regulate the gas field, and make the living and working environment full of vitality. But many people don’t know that plants also have Yin and Yang and five elements. If they are used properly in different directions and environments, they can play an unexpected regulatory role

conventional Chinese numerology emphasizes the mutual generation and restriction of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. What is lacking needs to be supplemented and what is conquered needs to be transformed. In the five element theory of traditional geomancy, the five element classification of plants is very professional. People who are not familiar with plants can be divided from the following points: geographical conditions also have five elements, but the five element classification of plants with flowers as the main reference factor

according to the color of plant flowers, in terms of humans and animals, it takes its reproductive organs as the classification standard. The flower of a plant is the same. It is the reproductive organ of a plant. Therefore, it is most accurate to take the flower of a plant as the standard for dividing into five lines. Red flower fire, yellow flower soil, white flower gold, green flower wood, black, blue and gray flower water (of course, black flowers are relatively few in nature), and the petals, styles, stamens, calyx and pollen of a flower are also the reference factors for the classification of five elements

Gold: it belongs to yellow flowers and must be matched with metal flower utensils and accessories, among which Fortune tree, ten thousand Liang gold, money tree, Narcissus and yellow orange are the most recommended

wood: all green plants belong to it, and seed plants should be selected; Send ” ; Meaning

water: represented by hydroponic plants, it is matched with blue or transparent glass flower utensils, such as Kaiyun bamboo, evergreen, etc

Fire: for plants that can blossom or bear fruit, red flowers or flower utensils are very suitable, such as flamingo, papiliopedilum and anemone

soil: for indoor shade tolerant planting, black flower utensils or flower utensils inlaid with gemstones, such as emeralds and cactus, can be used to plant plants regarded as auspicious

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