Five elements of plants and placement of Feng Shui

The Qi emitted by plants is considered to be applicable to special Feng Shui norms, such as eight trigrams and five elements. By combining them, we can balance the energy of one place through the influence of the five elements

horticultural Feng Shui is only a rare part of Feng Shui, but it can change Feng Shui by using simple plants and beautify the home environment. The so-called horticultural Feng Shui is simply to divide the plants into five categories: gold, wood, water, fire and soil, and plant appropriate plants according to the home environment and personal Feng Shui situation

(1) plant orientation and its representative significance

placing plants in the East represents having a family and health. They belong to the wooden line in the five elements; Placing plants in the southeast represents wealth and success, which belongs to the earth line in the five elements; Placing plants in the South represents having reputation and knowledge, which belongs to fire line in the five elements; Placing plants in the North represents having a career, which belongs to the water line in the five elements

however, because the wooden line will destroy the center and compete with the gold line, we should avoid placing the plants in the southwest, northeast and middle. Of course, we should also avoid placing them in the direction of the gold line: West and northwest

(2) five elements and functional areas of plants

in addition to the eight trigrams and five elements, plants can also be used in various indoor rooms. The most important thing is the living room and dining room, because they are both public areas and places for social activities, so they need higher energy. Furnishing plants should be carefully selected, otherwise they should not be used

especially in the kitchen, the five elements are easy to conflict with each other and will produce energy that will harm us. For example, wooden rows are easily damaged by electrical appliances and blades, because these represent gold rows, and wooden rows and gold rows collide with each other; But the wooden line will accelerate the fire in the stove, because the wooden line will give birth to the fire. Some feng shui masters strongly advise people not to decorate plants in their bedrooms, because they will bring Yang into them, which should be a place to rest

(3) select potted plants in the living room according to the orientation of the door

flowers and trees should not be planted indiscriminately, especially indoors. There are many stresses on planting plants. Since plants are also divided into five elements, plants planted in the living room should be selected according to different directions of the door, so as to increase the positive energy field of the living room, enhance family fortune and wealth, and be conducive to health

the living room facing the west of the gate must be bright. The West belongs to gold. The potted plants belonging to gold and soil, such as Phnom Penh tiger tail orchid, golden heart Chlorophytum, Golden Lily bamboo and native golden heart Brazilian iron tree, can increase the positive energy of gold and be beneficial to the health of respiratory tract, lung and spleen of family members; The living room in the south of the gate belongs to fire. It is suitable to plant plants belonging to fire and wood, such as dragon blood tree, red iron, multicolored iron and horsetail iron, to increase the positive energy of fire, which is conducive to adjusting the health of people’s heart, intestines and stomach. It also plays a role in adjusting some people’s introverted timidity, depression, lack of courage and confidence in life and other negative characters in the room; The living room to the north of the gate belongs to water. It is suitable to plant plants belonging to gold and water. Women’s wine bottle orchid and Hawaiian coconut can promote the health of kidney and lung; Facing the east of the door, you can plant Fugui bamboo, lvyuanbao, guiumbrella maple and fortune tree belonging to wood, Jinshan brown bamboo and sun god belonging to water in the living room, which can improve the health of kidney and liver