Feng Shui magic function of living room partition

The purpose of placing a screen partition in the living room is to make the living room more mysterious and the indoor environment more beautiful. However, the Feng Shui Effect of living room partition is also very strong. Many families place partitions in the living room, not for beauty, but to ensure the Feng Shui aura of the residence

“lt; What is the function of the living room to cut off the wind and water? What is the help of Feng Shui for residential buildings? Now let”#039;s give you a brief introduction

first of all, if the door is facing the living room, a partition must be placed between the door and the living room in order to avoid the gas field of the living room being dispersed by the gas field entered by the door. After all, the gate is the air intake of the residence. If it is facing the living room, it will form a hedging situation, which is easy to disperse, which is very unfavorable to the feng shui of the residence

secondly, most balconies of houses are connected with the living room. If they are facing the living room, it is actually unfavorable to Feng Shui, because the balcony is easy to enter the evil spirit and cause damage to the feng shui of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to use the partition of the living room to separate them to avoid the evil spirit from rushing into the living room

finally, in the ancient concept of housing, you can’t see the living room when you enter the door, which is easy to have an impact on the family’s luck and disrespect for the guests. Therefore, generally, large families in ancient times set up a screen at the place where they enter the door, so that people don’t see the hall when entering the door, as well as the ancient Yamen

in addition, if there is a problem with the pattern in the house, the living room partition can also be used to solve it. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are relative, and the screen can be used between the kitchen and the bathroom to prevent the air field of the kitchen from being infected by the filthy air of the bathroom


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