What should mirror Feng Shui pay attention to

As a necessity in daily life, mirror plays the role of beauty and dressing, and is very popular with people. But in home feng shui, mirrors play a controversial role

first, the mirror has the function of avoiding evil. The ancients generally hung mirrors at home to ward off evil spirits and look at demons. The mirrors of large families would be more imposing. It can be seen that in the eyes of the ancients, the mirror was a protective god

secondly, mirrors can bring evil spirits. Although the mirror has the function of avoiding evil, it must also be placed in the right position, otherwise it is easy to attract evil spirit. Generally speaking, do not let the mirror face the bed or table, otherwise it will reflect the aura of the host. If you suddenly see yourself in the mirror in the middle of the night, it is easy to cause psychological panic. If the mirror can’t be removed, you can cover it with a curtain or stick a gossip map

Third, be careful of the mirror ” Guangsha ” ;. Everyone has a love of beauty. In order to facilitate people to tidy up their clothes, many units will put a big mirror at the door. Many girls also like to put a small mirror beside the table. In fact, it is not good to often look at the mirror. The mirror is called ” Guangsha ” , It is a tool to avoid brake. Looking in the mirror for a long time is easy to make your head dizzy and swell, and even cause insomnia. In addition, in modern architecture, sometimes people use glass instead of walls. In fact, this is the most powerful light evil, which will bring disaster to people living in houses

similarly, never hang a mirror in the kitchen, otherwise if the mirror reflects the stove fire, it will easily lead to major disasters, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui. Even the food in the kitchen is unlucky. But hanging mirrors in restaurants can increase wealth

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