Relative dissolution of Feng Shui toilet and kitchen door

The kitchen and toilet are actually two mutually exclusive areas, and they are also the two most troublesome areas in the home. Because the kitchen is the place where the family cooks their food, while the toilet is the place where the family hides dirt. Naturally, the kitchen and toilet should not be relative, otherwise it will affect the health of the family. In Feng Shui, if the kitchen door is relative to the toilet door, it will inevitably affect Feng Shui and the wealth of the family, So what is the relative dissolution of Feng Shui toilet and kitchen door? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

when water and fire are not cured, the foul air of the toilet will be mixed into the kitchen, which will hinder hygiene. Families are prone to many diseases, especially women. The conflict between wind, water and fire in the hall will cause damage to the digestive system and finance. The husband and wife are prone to skin diseases or gastrointestinal sensitivity, myopia, sour eyes, eye diseases or heart diseases, followed by blood, kidney and urinary system diseases

entering the kitchen also needs to pass through the door of the bathroom, which is very inappropriate, because the bathroom, as a place to hide filth, itself has a lot of evil spirit. People entering the kitchen after passing through the bathroom will bring this evil spirit into the kitchen, which will cause adverse health and bring problems to the health of their families

if the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet, it will affect the health of the family. Especially if the stove happens to be opposite to the toilet door, even if the door curtain is hung or the door is often closed, the problem of flushing and braking cannot be solved

the kitchen is relative to the toilet, and the most feared thing is that the stove is relative to the toilet. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there is no solution unless the stove is moved. If it is not moved, the position of the moon, the stars and feathers in the middle of the year coincides with the divinatory Qi, and the health of that month will have problems and have to be handled carefully

door to door is a bad design method in itself, because the air flow is connected, it is easy to cause ventilation and affect the feng shui of the home. If the kitchen is opposite to the bathroom door, the evil spirit of the bathroom will flow to the kitchen, which will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen and the mood of the cook. Facing the problem that the kitchen and bathroom are next to Feng Shui, we should set curtains to block the connection of air flow, and close the door at ordinary times. In addition, more efforts should be made on the air purification in the bathroom, so as to bring a fresh environment and healthy Feng Shui to the whole house

for example, a partition is placed between the gate and the toilet door to separate the two Feng Shui gas fields, which can avoid Feng Shui hedging or the gas field being infected by filthy gas. At the same time, some geomantic treasures are placed in the gate or other geomantic treasure places of the house to dissolve the filth

If only the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, the toilet door and bathroom door can be hidden by door design to solve the relative situation of the two doors

it is very simple to resolve the door shock and brake. Just do some simple treatment, such as using screen partition and other measures. When two neighbors face each other at the door, some families hang small mirrors outside the door in order to resolve the evil spirit of the opposite door. This will not only not resolve the evil spirit of the door, but also lead to disharmony between the neighbors. Master Zhu Bainian suggested that disciples resolve the problem by pasting heavenly official blessings on the door and giving one to the neighbor. The two families wish each other good luck at the door, which can not only resolve the evil spirit of the door, but also become good friends with the opposite neighbor, This solution is actually the method of heart adjustment. In fact, Feng Shui layout is often more effective than using Feng Shui objects

in fact, in Feng Shui, door-to-door is a bad design. If the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, there are two areas where water and fire are incompatible. Therefore, if the feng shui of the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, we must know how to resolve it in time. After reading the above articles, you must also know the theory of Feng Shui

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