What are the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen of villa restaurant

The taboos in Feng Shui are what we cannot violate, so we must pay attention to the taboos in Feng Shui. After all, if we violate these Feng Shui taboos, our fortunes will be affected at the same time, so we must pay attention to these relevant Feng Shui taboos. What are the Feng Shui taboos in Villa, restaurant and kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

orientation of the kitchen:

the kitchen is located in the south. Placing foliage plants helps to save money. The kitchen is located in the south. It is affected by the strong red sun. It will unconsciously have the tendency to spend money indiscriminately

the kitchen is located in the East, which is Daji. If it is in other directions, you can put Safflower on the table or near the refrigerator, which is conducive to maintaining your health. In the western kitchen, golden flowers, daffodils and three color violets are placed by the window, which can not only block the evil spirit of the sunset, but also bring wealth. When the kitchen is located in the north, pink and orange flowers can add vitality to the room

On the one hand, the restaurant will be more and more prosperous under the sunshine in the South; If a refrigerator is set in the restaurant, the best direction is north, not south

directions should be avoided: it should be south rather than West

the restaurant should be located in the south, because the South has sufficient sunshine and light, gives people warmth, and is easy to create a happy and beautiful environment; Moreover, the fire in the South can make the family road like a prairie fire and prosper day by day

the restaurant should not be located in the southwest. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there are two black managers of flying stars in the southwest, representing disease. If the restaurant is set in the southwest of the house, it is not conducive to the health of family members, especially women. Therefore, when considering the location of the dining room, we must pay more attention

location should avoid: it should be in the middle and not rush the door

the table should be placed in the center of the restaurant. Family members also sit according to the auspicious side of the fortune telling, such as the person in charge of livelihood, the mother, the children studying, and the elders

the dining table should not be directly facing the kitchen door or directly facing the door. There is a lot of oil fume in the kitchen and the temperature is high. Putting the table opposite is harmful to the health of the family. Moreover, if the dining table and the gate rush directly, which is contrary to the whirl of Feng Shui, it will lead to the leakage of the vitality of the house

do not use white candle chandeliers on the dining table

some chandeliers are composed of several candle shaped tubes. Although the design is novel and has great ornamental value, if it is hung on the dining table, it is stacking white wax candles of different lengths on the dining table, which is by no means a good omen. Because the white candle is the symbol of funeral, put it on the table where the family can eat together, and the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, we must try to avoid rabbits as much as possible, but candles of other colors are OK

the restaurant should not be facing the door

the dining table is facing the door, which is easy to leak money. Residential Feng Shui pays attention to ” Like to whirl and avoid going straight ” , If there is an attack, it will lead to the easy release of the vitality of residents, and feng shui will be greatly affected. If the dining table is in a straight line with the door, standing outside the door, you can see a family eating, which is a big taboo

knowing the above Feng Shui taboos, you must know better how to create good feng shui and avoid some bad feng shui taboos when decorating the kitchen. What are the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen of the villa restaurant? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

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