What Feng Shui should you pay attention to in home decoration

How can we create a good living environment? Apart from the articles you like about feng shui, you should pay attention to the problems related to Feng Shui decoration

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in decoration to create good feng shui at home

Feng Shui details that should be paid attention to in decoration

selection of home lighting:

except that some special lighting can be selected for the most popular living room, it is not suitable for other bedrooms to choose chandeliers with unique shapes, especially crystal chandeliers, because in the book of changes, the reflective effect of lamps is far better than glass The reflective effect of the mirror is strong. For example, designing chandeliers (multi-layer and crystal materials) in the bedroom will directly affect the head health of the residents, which is not conducive to sleep, and will directly affect the relationship between husband and wife

decoration of the living room:

now the first thing that ordinary houses come into contact with is the living room. The living room is not only a place for family gatherings and emotional exchanges, but also a place for external social networking and emotional contact. It can be said to be the most popular place in the home

in the decoration design of the living room, it should not only be beautiful, generous and appropriate (in line with the identity of the resident), but also like to be bright and sunny, which symbolizes the sunshine, generosity and appropriateness of the resident, which is conducive to the social and fortune improvement of the resident

the most important point is that the sitting direction of the sofa in the living room must not be placed directly opposite the door, which is not only detrimental to the privacy and beauty of the residents, but also a crime in Feng Shui ” Door slamming BRAKE ” , Affect the harmony of family members, and they are prone to suspicion, disputes and words of mouth

it will bring adverse effects on oral health, head and respiratory tract, and will also directly affect the career progress of residents. There are many obstacles to doing things, and it is easy to lose business opportunities, lose money and provoke right and wrong. Therefore, in the decoration design and furniture placement, it is best to avoid the opposite door of the sofa

bedroom decoration:

the bedroom is a place for us to rest and relieve the fatigue of the day. The overall decoration should be warm and soft

do not flush the door (including toilet door and bedroom door) at the head of the bed, do not flush the mirror, and do not press the top of the beam; The lamp in the bedroom should be designed as a circular ceiling lamp. At the same time, the head of the bed should be close to the solid wall, which is called back leaning, which is conducive to sleep and noble transportation

kitchen decoration:

the kitchen is not only a place for the family to feed their lives, but also in Feng Shui: ” Also in charge of the food and fortune of all residents, It is required to be clean and bright. Firstly, the stove should not be directly facing the kitchen door. Secondly, the stove and the pool should not be in a straight line. It is best to be ” L”; Type to design the position of stove and pool


in ancient houses, the toilet can not be found, because the toilet belongs to a dirty place with excessive Yin Qi, and its magnetic field will directly affect the fate and health of residents. In modern life, whether it is office space, high-rise buildings, various buildings, folk houses and streets, where can it be less? This is necessary for people’s life. Therefore, in the decoration, we should try our best to alleviate the magnetic field of its filthy gas and reduce the adverse impact on the fate of residents

in the decoration, it is better to be spacious, bright and tidy. The toilet should not be directly facing the bathroom door, so as to avoid the leakage of dirty gas, which will directly affect the health and transportation of the family. Cyan, yellow and beige are the most favorable colors for the overall color system

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to when starting home decoration. First, Feng Shui ceremony for decoration commencement:

prepare the materials for worship. In some places, prepare household dishes, wine, candles, paper money, etc., and in some places, fruits, tea, rice beans and other items

the offering table is set at the back (side) of the house to worship, light incense and candles, and burn paper money after worship

when the worship ceremony is completed, they shout auspicious words such as good luck, peace and smooth progress

sweep the room, meaning to sweep the dirt out of the door

stick a red note of good luck in the room and other places, and put some coins in the corner of the house

II. Feng Shui precautions for decoration commencement

1. The commencement time should be auspicious

the commencement time of decoration should be auspicious, that is, if it is an auspicious day on the commencement day, and it is best to have a ceremony before commencement. Generally speaking, it is to offer incense to the foundation owner, and some places also need to burn paper, set off firecrackers, etc

the date of home decoration should be selected according to the Yangzhai seat, or according to the owner’s four pillars and eight characters or Zodiac. It is best to choose auspicious days such as Tiande, yuede, Tiande combination, yuede combination, tianamnesty, Tianyi, yueen, four phases, Shide, Sanhe and Kairi. Yijisi, Xingwei, Jiashu, Yihai, Yiyou, Jiyou, Renzi, Yimao, Jiwei and gengshenri. Avoid monthly construction, earth house, moon break, weekdays, closing days, robbery, robbery, disaster, month, punishment, month weariness, big time, heavenly officials, four wastes, five tombs, earth talisman, earth bag and earth King’s use

2. There are taboos in the commencement ceremony

make an investigation in the construction team before the commencement of decoration to avoid various taboos. For example, if there is a funeral in the home of the construction personnel and the daughter-in-law is pregnant, it is forbidden to participate in the construction. If there are pregnant women at home, it’s best not to participate, and it’s best not to go to children at home. There are many things to start decoration, so it’s inevitable to bump, for fear of causing unsafe accidents. Generally speaking, the commencement ceremony is organized by the person in power of the parents. In addition, female construction workers or women other than any homeowner are not allowed to live in the house being renovated. On the day of decoration commencement in many places, women other than the homeowner are prohibited from entering the site. If the female homeowner happens to have a holiday, they are not allowed to enter the site. If the homeowner is only a woman, other commencement times need to be arranged in advance

If you are a reasonable person, it’s OK to prepare a small red envelope for the workers. The host and workers should be friendly and cooperative, give a good first impression and make the workers happy. If you work for you later, you will remember your kindness and work harder

4. The decoration shall start from the auspicious location

during the decoration construction, it is best to start from the auspicious location. 1. It is to seek a good moral. 2. It is to install the auspicious position first, which can hold down the declining position, so that there will be no accidents in the later decoration. From the perspective of Xuankong geomantic omen, eight white, nine purple and one white are dangwang auspicious stars. The direction they fly to every year is the auspicious position of that year, which means that there is an auspicious and strong positive energy field in this direction. Choosing to construct first in these three directions is conducive to smooth and auspicious family transportation. In 2016, Babai, Jiuzi and Yibai were in the southwest, due east and Southeast respectively

what should we pay attention to in new house decoration

1. Ceramic tiles soak in water longer than usual

we know that ceramic tiles soak in water before paving, but in summer, the data are more boring than usual, so the data about floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other needs to be soaked in water for a longer time to make them fully close to saturation. Prevent when paving, the ceramic tile is not firmly bonded to the cement due to water absorption, so there is no possibility of reducing hollowing and falling off

2. Do not expose the materials that need to be dried

the semi-finished wood and wooden floor may be newly painted furniture. Do not be eager to succeed and expose them in the sun. Pay attention to natural air drying in a ventilated and dry place, otherwise the materials will not only deform and crack, but also affect the construction quality

3. Think about thermal expansion and cold contraction of doors and windows

there are scenes of thermal expansion and cold contraction in many materials, such as plastic steel doors and windows, sliding doors, etc., so when measuring and installing, you should have a clear idea of the scale arrangement. As plastic steel is a material greatly affected by temperature, if the scale is just right, it will show cracks and deformation due to the decline of temperature in winter, so the scale should be slightly surplus

4. Install the floor tightly

because the floor is ” Thermal expansion; Therefore, when paving the floor, the gap should be arranged more closely than before, so that when the temperature drops, the gap will not become too large. At the joint between the floor and the wall, the floor strip can be used to form a transition. In this way, not only the disadvantages of excessive gap between the wall and the floor are handled, but also a beautiful effect is achieved

5. Gypsum coagulation time should be well controlled

when dealing with data of similar gypsum, the coagulation time should be strictly controlled. Since the molding of gypsum is more difficult to control in high-temperature and dry climate, the coagulation time should be strictly controlled to reach the specified compressive and tensile strength and fineness

6. Pay attention to the effect of wall paint

during the treatment of interior wall paint, due to the hot climate in summer, pay special attention to its stability, bonding strength and dry crack resistance in the early stage. The method adopted at this time is to carefully observe the details, make detailed time records, and then compare them

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