What is good kitchen Feng Shui like

When we decorate the kitchen, we not only consider the problems of safety and aesthetics, but also some styles are taboos. We all need to know something. No matter what we do, we can’t fool around. Therefore, to understand the taboos about kitchen Feng Shui, we also need to know something

the orientation of Feng Shui in kitchen decoration should be reasonable

the reason why the orientation of kitchen is so important is that once the orientation is wrong, it will lead to a pattern of hedging between kitchen and other rooms. For example, if the kitchen and bathroom are in the same straight line, the doors of the two will be opposite, forming a hedge. Therefore, when choosing the orientation, try to make the kitchen and restaurant adjacent. It’s best to design in the direction that can let the sun shine directly to ensure that the kitchen is dry and hot

do not use red and black in the decoration of kitchen Feng Shui

because the kitchen stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If the kitchen is dominated by red, it is easy to lead to excessive stove fire and the phenomenon of fire and soil dryness. This phenomenon is easy to cause family disputes. Moreover, if it is a hot summer, the kitchen dominated by red will also make people feel angry and give off heat involuntarily. In color Feng Shui, black belongs to water, and water collides with the fire of the stove, which will affect the health of the living family. The kitchen should generally take light color as the main tone, and generally have beige, ivory and other trendy decorative colors

kitchen decoration Feng Shui door size

the kitchen stove should not be dirty. The food should be delicious and healthy, so the stove must be cleaned! Every meal, the stove will be splashed with oil more or less. ” Garbage ” , For example, rice washing water, noodle soup and potato peel are all good cleaners. Using them to scrub the stove repeatedly can not only remove the oil stain, but also make it as bright as new

the floor of the kitchen decoration should not be too high

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the floor height of the kitchen should not be higher than that of the living room or other rooms, because in the whole house, the kitchen belongs to ” Times ” , The living room belongs to ” Master “, Feng Shui is very particular about the primary and secondary, and there can be no transcendence. From the perspective of use, if the kitchen floor is high, there may be sewage backflow, and the sewage from the kitchen will flow to the living room

the kitchen is where we usually make three meals a day, so the functionality of the kitchen is still very strong. Of course, the Feng Shui layout of the kitchen is also very important and related to our health. We know that if we really want to know about feng shui, we can actually make a good share for all of us

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