Where should the TV set be placed

First of all, the TV should be placed in the place facing the sofa, that is, the position where the host sits facing the TV. The TV should be placed in the TV combination cabinet rather than exposed outside. TV is exposed to the outside. First, it is easy to be hit by people; Second, it is not conducive to cleaning and dust prevention, so it should be placed in a frame type combination cabinet

secondly, the TV should not be placed too high or too low. It should be placed directly opposite the line of sight of the person sitting on the sofa. Too high will make people tilt their neck, too low will make people lower their head, which is not conducive to the health of cervical vertebra and the protection of vision

thirdly, the orientation of the TV can also be determined according to what is missing in the five elements of the homeowner. For example, if the homeowner is short of water, he needs to replenish water. He can place the TV in the south. The North belongs to water. When watching TV, sitting North and facing south can replenish water; Another example is that the TV is extremely hot. If the homeowner hits the fire, he should put the TV far away. If the homeowner hits the lack of fire, he can put the TV closer, or put the TV in the bedroom

TV background wall refers to the wall decorated with artistic sense behind the TV in order to set off the TV. Generally, cultural stone is used as material, which can absorb sound and reduce the impact of TV sound on the next room. At the same time, it can highlight the texture of decoration in visual effect. Now it is adopted by more and more families

however, it should be noted that the decoration and placement of the TV background wall should comply with certain Feng Shui principles. The specific method is to set it according to the sitting direction of the house. According to the division method of eight houses, it can be divided into: earthquake house, sitting east to West, Xun house, sitting southeast to northwest, leaving the house, sitting south to north, Kan house and sitting north to south. For these four houses, the TV background wall should be set in due west, northwest, due north Due south these four directions; Dry house, northwest facing Southeast, Kun house, southwest facing northeast, Gen house, northeast facing southwest, dui house and west facing east. The TV background wall of these four houses should be set in Northeast, due east, Southeast and southwest

this design not only avoids the pressure caused by the height of the combined cabinet and the roof, but also effectively ensures the ventilation of the empty part in the middle. The massiness of the lower half conforms to the Feng Shui principle of light at the top and heavy at the bottom, but also is conducive to load-bearing. It is a beautiful, practical and conducive to feng shui design

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