Which directions are suitable for raising rabbits at home

Although rabbits are cute, they are also delicate and easy to get sick, and there are few veterinarians who see doctors for rabbits. Therefore, people who raise rabbits are most afraid of rabbits getting sick. From the perspective of Feng Shui, raising rabbits in an auspicious direction is of great benefit to the health of rabbits. So what are the rabbit’s Feng Shui auspicious positions

the five behavioral trees of rabbits belong to trees in the East and Southeast. Rabbits can be raised smoothly in the East, get the standard phase, and the mental state of rabbits will be quite good. However, there should not be too many five behavior wooden objects near the rabbits raised in this position, otherwise the wood gas may be too strong, forming the rabbit’s grumpy and insufficiently docile character

in addition, the northern part of the house is also very suitable for raising rabbits. The northern part of the house belongs to water and aquatic trees, which is very conducive to the health of rabbits. The West and southwest of the house are the least suitable for raising rabbits, which is best avoided. The Western five not only act as gold and conquer wood, but also belong to the position of the Chinese Zodiac chicken; The southwest is not only the location of the five behaviors of earth, wood and earth, which is not conducive to house transportation, but also the location of the dragon of the Chinese zodiac, which is not very auspicious

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