Pay attention to Feng Shui in the kitchen and the placement of the stove

The core of the kitchen is the stove. The stove can’t rush to the door, room door, toilet door, etc. the kitchen and toilet can’t go in and out through the same door, so as not to have a bad impact on each other

the stove is most taboo in the northwest of the house. If there are sharp fire objects outside the house, it is ” Fire the Tianmen gate ” ; This is because the five elements in the northwest are gold, representing heaven and God. The northwest is also the male symbol of the oldest person in the family in terms of characters. Forging it with the fire in the stove will be detrimental to the male master of the family

the kitchen should not be in the south, because the five elements in the South belong to fire, and the five elements in the stove are also fire. Too strong positive energy is not good, which is bad for home, and the food stored in the kitchen in the south is easy to deteriorate

the kitchen should not be located in the center of the home, because the center of the house can not be polluted, and the kitchen room is the place where domestic waste is generated, so it is not suitable to be located in the center of the house

the kitchen is located in the north, which is called ” Both water and economy, The East and southeast are ” Wood fire is bright ” ; The images are more suitable. However, the kitchens in the southeast and East should pay attention to collecting the knives after they are used up, otherwise the wooden gas field in the East and Southeast will be killed by metal knives, which is said to be not very good

kitchen area and basic size

taking the residence with a total area of 100 square meters as an example, the kitchen area of 4 ~ 5 square meters is more appropriate, which is too large to use, but wastes other functional space. But if it is a restaurant

and kitchen, it needs an area of 8 ~ 15 square meters

according to the reasonable configuration of operation, the arrangement of conditioning table is more appropriate according to refrigerator, operation table, sink, operation table, gas stove and operation table. The width of the lower cabinet shall be about 600mm and the height shall be 850 ~ 950mm. The space left for tiling between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet should be at least 800mm. The depth of the upper hanging cabinet is generally between 300 ~ 400mm

in different time and space, we should selectively inherit the Feng Shui experience of the ancients and use it for the purpose of practicality

safe configuration of water and fire

” Stove ” ; Don’t face the door and window directly except to take shelter from the wind” Stove ” ; Also pay attention to avoid ” Water ” , The washing sink and water hose in the kitchen are the real water in the five elements. The face-to-face placement of the sink and the stove will form a water fire rush. The two kinds of energy confrontation is undoubtedly a bad pattern, which must be avoided. In Tongjin, the Ukrainian government has a high reputation” ; The northern five elements belong to water, which is the place where water vapor gathers. If you can see real water, you will get the positive Qi of water

the bathroom space should be located in the border area of the home, and the toilet should be far away from the gate. Generally speaking, it is considered that there is no problem to set it in the north, East, Southeast, southwest and West. It is not recommended to set the bathroom space in the northeast, South and northwest. It is most taboo to set it in the middle of the house

the toilet located in the center of the residential plane is polluted, with poor daylighting and ventilation. It is easy to breed bacteria, which is certainly harmful to the health of residents. Multiple potted plants can be placed to dissolve

if your bathroom is not suitable for Feng Shui, the door of the bathroom must be closed at any time. This is the simplest and effective way to improve

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